Watersports is a side-mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The mission consists of single competitor time-trial races. There are 8 courses with the Jetski unlocked after the mission Say Cheese. The Jetski is always available behind the film studio at Prawn Island triggering the mission and upon completing each course the next one is unlocked.


The player is rewarded with $500 after all the courses are passed and the Wetsuit outfit is unlocked.


  • After Say Cheese, the location and the position of the Jetski changes, now facing north at the northern end of the jetty. After completing the side-mission, Vic will spawn at the southern end where the Jetski originally was.
  • It is advised to attempt this mission whilst the weather is calm, as stormy conditions will make the water rough and controlling the watercraft will be much more difficult.
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