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Gordon: "So are you in, big guy, or are we gonna have to kill you?"
Niko: "Well, since you put it that way...I'm in."
Gordon Sargent asks Niko Bellic if he's joining the heist crew.

Waste Not Want Knots is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to the protagonist Niko Bellic by Patrick McReary from his house in Meadows Park, Dukes, Liberty City.


Niko is introduced to two associates of the McReary Crime Family, Gordon Sargent and Michael Keane, the two of them plus Packie are planning to storm a warehouse that belongs to the Ancelotti Crime Family and steal from them, after being "gently" persuaded by Gordon, Niko decides to join their group.

Mission Objectives

  • Pick up Packie and the others.
  • Drive to the waste depot.
  • Get inside the depot and get the cash.
  • Get the cash from the office.
  • Meet up with Packie outside of the depot.
  • Escape from the depot with Packie.
  • Swim out and get in the boat.
  • Get Packie back to safety.


The player must find a four-seat car and pick up Packie and the others and drive them to the warehouse, there will usually be a Schafter at the side of the house for the player to use. During the drive, Packie reveals to Niko the full plan, which is robbing an Ancelotti Crime Family operation: they are going to run in the front of the warehouse, wipe out anyone in their way, take the money, then run out back where a boat will be waiting for them near the docks on recommendation of Ray Boccino.

First Shootout: Junkyard

When the player arrives at the warehouse, they must follow Packie and the guys over two fences to a small junkyard. There will be several goons hanging around outside, so after the player jumps the second fence, they must fight the enemies and make sure to protect Packie and the others.

Packie tends to rush into battle and therefore gets killed fairly quickly. The door to the warehouse will not be unlocked until the enemies have been killed.

Second Shootout: Warehouse

When the player reaches the warehouse door on the side facing the street, they must run in and kill everyone inside the warehouse. The player must then run up the stairs, across the catwalk to the overhead office to grab the bag of cash. Three guys are above the ground floor (the office & the catwalk) and are immune to NPC attacks (Packie, Michael, Gordon, even Dwayne's backups), immune to being killed by falling, and being immune to killed by Niko's trample.

Third Shootout: Third party attacks & the escape

But now, some Italian mobsters, who are also planning on stealing the money, come into the warehouse and start firing at Packie and his group. The player must kill the mobsters that can be seen and head down the stairs. Packie will tell Niko to follow him to a boat waiting on the river to get away in. The player must ignore any mobsters after this point and run, Gordon and Michael will stay behind to take care of them.

After Niko steals the money and the Italian mobsters come in, they infinitely spawn.

The player must exit the warehouse and follow Packie to the docks. They will have to swim to the boat. Once Niko and Packie are in the boat, the player must head to the yellow marker. Once they are there, the mission is passed.



  • After the mission, Packie will call Niko and ask if he can take his sister Kate out on a date. Packie will also text Niko and tell him to wear a suit for the next mission.
  • Ray will call Niko after this mission, unlocking his first mission: A Long Way to Fall.

Video Walkthrough


GTA 4 - Mission 37 - Waste Not Want Knots (1080p)


  • Michael refers to the Gambetti Crime Family as "Gambinos"; the Gambetti Family is based on real life Gambino Family.
  • This mission introduces swimming.
  • Packie uses a Pistol during this mission, while Michael uses an Assault Rifle and Gordon uses a Pump Shotgun. Strangely, during the cutscene, Gordon is left-handed (as seen in the picture) however during the main part of the mission, he is right-handed. No NPC in the game is seen as left-handed so this mistake is most likely due to limitations.
  • This mission could be a reference to the television show The Sopranos, in which the main character, Tony Soprano, is involved in garbage disposal (among other businesses), and his self-described job title is "waste management".
  • In some lines of dialogue, Packie tells Michael Keane to save his money, while Gordon comments "You shouldn't save too much, Michael. You'll never know. You might get hit by a bus tomorrow...". This could be a reference to his death in the next mission.
  • In the conversations that take place on the ride to the waste depot, Niko may mention that he heard that Francis is Packie's brother, however, depending on the amount of time the player took to complete the most previous Francis mission and start this one, it is possible that Francis has not yet called Niko to inform him of this.
  • The player doesn't have to park next to the Colony Island Cemetery when they arrive at the depot. Instead, Niko can head directly to the small junkyard and enter the warehouse.
  • When Niko and Packie swim out to the boat to escape, Packie asks Niko if he can drive a boat, implying that he can't. However, when they reach the dock, Packie switches places with Niko and drives the boat away easily.
  • The assault rifle Packie gives to Michael in the beginning cutscene is most likely the same rifle Packie used himself in the last mission, seen that he mentions "one previous owner, safely driven" and uses only a pistol himself in the mission.