Waste plant

Exterior from President Street.

The Waste Management Plant is an industrial park located on President Street in Colony Island. It is a front for the Ancelotti Family.


The industrial complex consists of a large warehouse building and a fairly large open area populated by shipping crates to the side, and an open interior inside the main building. There is a walkway inside that leads to a security station with many computers and monitors. There are two docks out the back on the Humboldt River

Missions Appearances

The warehouse features mainly in the mission Waste Not Want Knots. Niko Bellic, Patrick McReary, Gordon Sargent and Michael Keane storm the plant with the intent of stealing from the Ancelottis. Afterwards, Niko and Packie escape via a Dinghy, while Gordon and Michael stay back to fight off the mobsters.


  • Two vehicles spawn on the premises, but they will always be random.


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