Vice City map, with the Washington Street marked in red.

 Washington Street is a street in Washington Beach, Vice City, one of the few named streets in the city. The exact length of the street is unknown.


It's the street where the game begins. Tommy Vercetti is dropped by Ken Rosenberg in a alleyway just in the side from his office. It begins at the South Bridge, which connects the Vice City Mainland to Midland, and it ends in an unnamed roundabout, in South Vice Point, theres a lot of businesses, safehouses around the street. Like the Avery Construction and the rival construction, on the other side of the street.


Missions appearances

Ken Rosenberg Missions

All those missions are received at the K. Rosenberg & Co.

Colonel Cortez Missions

Avery Carrington Missions

All those missions are received at the Avery's construction side.

Umberto Robina Missions

Vice Street Racer

The 3 most expensive races cross the Washington St.



  • Stubby Shotgun - Over the Washington Mall Parking Lot
  • TEC-9 - Behind the last pink house in the unnamed roundabout.
  • Pistol - Inside the Avery Construction, first floor.

Rampages and Unique Stunt Jumps

  • 3 Rampages
  • 1st - Top of the Mall
  • 2nd - West side of the Links View Apartment, front of the pink house.
  • 3rd - Unnamed roundabout, heights form Vice Point.
  • 2 Unique Stunt Jumps
  • 1st - At the Bunch O'Tools, a little ramp to spring over a canal, you will land behind the Washington Beach Police Department.
  • 2nd - At the third floor of Avery Construction, using wooden ramps, a PCJ-600 will be useful.

Hidden Packages

  • 1 - Behind the 1102 Safehouse.
  • 2 - Under the little bridge.
  • 3 - South across the road from the construction side, just near the swimming pool.
  • 4 - Near the jetty, at the little pier, behind the green apartments, across the street from the construction side,



Notable residents

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