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Washington Mall is a shopping mall in the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City rendition of Vice City.


In 1986, the shopping centre is located in Ocean Beach, across the Ocean View Hospital. It's address is 2102 Washington Street.

The Washington Mall is a lush, open air mall with two levels of shopping areas, and has working escalators, two inactive lifts that also appear in the garage, and a rooftop car park accessible by a spiral ramp on the northeastern corner of the mall. Nevertheless, the mall's two stairwells meant to connect all three levels of the mall are blocked by yellow tape. Some vehicles will also spawn in the parking lot as well. A Unique Stunt Jump, a rampage, and a Shotgun are also located here.

As it is a open air complex, this place does not have an "indoor" setting unlike other locations such as the North Point Mall and Vercetti Estate.

The mall is also prominently featured during the mission Mall Shootout for Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez.

The mall's appearance is based on the Bal Harbour Shops in Bal Harbour, Florida.

Vice City Stories

In 1984, the setting of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, the mall does not exist; instead, the player finds a largely vacant lot with minimal construction work and an Empire Building lot, this could be a reference that the mall construction may have just started when the main-story takes place.