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The Warehouse Rave Venues[1] are rave venues in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories located in Atlantic Quays, Portland, Liberty City.

Events of GTA III

Maria's drug dealer, Chico, tells her of a party taking place in one of the rave venues in Atlantic Quays. Maria has Claude drive her to the party, which is raided by the Liberty City Police Department. Maria manages to get back into the car driven by Claude, who drives her back to Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club.


Mission Appearance

Grand Theft Auto III


  • The music heard from the party is a sampled version of "Animal Testing Centre - DSP". The original version appeared on The Fix FM in Grand Theft Auto.
  • During the club's appearance, the subtitles are incorrect when Maria is talking to Chico. He says "mira", which means "look" in Spanish, but the subtitles show "Maria" instead.
  • The LCPD Dispatcher makes a specific announcement during this mission while Maria is in the club: "Four-five to all units: Assist narcotics raid Atlantic Quays."


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