Breaking the lock to enter the compound.

Warehouse Raiding is a mini-game in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. It is unlocked upon completion of the mission Kenny Strikes Back.


The mini-game involves raiding a Spanish Lords warehouse to steal a drug van. When the drug van is stolen you must bring it to a secluded safe-house to search it. It is very similar to the mission Kenny Strikes Back, considering the mini-game is based on the mission.


Go to the warehouse in South Bohan. The front gate can be spotted easily by the arrows pointing towards the lock. Walk into the arrows to begin the lock smashing mini-game (instructions are show in-game). Once the gate is open enter the compound. Try to avoid being spotted by the guards as they will all attack you. Reach the van parked at the other end of the compound, steal it and drive out. Head towards the closest secluded safe-house while avoiding the guards that will chase you in cars. Once you reach a secluded safe-house you will be instructed to search the van for drugs (instruction are show in-game). The mini-game will end once you have finished searching the van for drugs.


Upon completion of the mini-game any drugs obtained from the van will be stored in your drug bag or stash box. The mini-game never ends so it is a great way to obtain drugs to sell for profit.


  • Try to kill the guards separately without alerting the others. Its very possible to be killed early on in the compound if you alert the guards.
  • When stealing the van you have all the time in the world to hotwire it so take your time, you don't want to attract the unwanted police attention.
  • After completing the mini-game a few times, the guards will begin to have stronger weapons and more cars will chase you after stealing the van. Remember to prepare yourself for this.
  • This mini-game is much easier to complete once you have the Lancaster safe-house as it is a short distance away and secluded.
  • There are some in-game days where the warehouse is closed, and is impossible to be raided, usually Thursdays.
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