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A player escapes in their Pigalle from the police in Grand Theft Auto Online.

The Wanted Level in Grand Theft Auto Online is a measure to determine how much a player is wanted by the Los Santos Police Department, the Los Santos County Sheriff, and/or the National Office of Security Enforcement. Akin to the wanted level system of the parent game, Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto Online features a five-star wanted scale. This stands in contrast to every Grand Theft Auto installment preceding GTA V, all of which feature six-star scales instead.


Police officers in Grand Theft Auto Online are much more aggressive and persistent in pursuing the perpetrator than in previous games. Police AI is noticeably more intelligent in comparison to GTA IV; officers are less likely to miss their targets when engaged in a gunfight, and will take better cover from an armed suspect. During vehicular pursuits, officers employ a range of tactics aimed at stopping the player's car, such as the infamous PIT maneuver. Like in Grand Theft Auto IV and V, an officer will commandeer a civilian vehicle to continue a pursuit if their own police vehicle is destroyed or becomes inaccessible; if an occupied vehicle is nearby, an officer will carjack its driver before using the vehicle. Also similar to IV and V is the ability for police to respond to crimes committed out of their sight, as civilians may call the police on their cell phones if they witness a crime. Unlike GTA V, however, civilians will never physically pull out their phone to call the police when reporting a crime.

Police search the player in the same style as Grand Theft Auto III. In this manner, no search radius is deployed; instead, police will search across the entire map. Each individual officer has an arc-shaped field of sight, and will actively engage the player if they enter said field. Should the avatar enter an officer's field of sight, the player's mini-map will flash red and blue, signifying that they can be "seen" by the police. When not visible by police, the mini-map will display nearby officers' fields of view, which are highlighted in a translucent blue. The player must go undetected for a set amount of time in order to lose their wanted level, and the time it takes to do so increases as the player earns more stars. The player can also immediately lose their wanted level by dying or calling Lester to remove it, with the latter option at the cost of two hundred in-game dollars per star attained, or by extension, a maximum of one thousand dollars for five stars.

Wanted Levels[]

One Star[]

At a one-star wanted level, the player is considered to have committed a "minor" crime. Regardless, the police will never attempt to actually arrest the protagonist by means of gunpoint; instead, they will immediately shoot to kill. This differs from earlier Grand Theft Auto installments, including GTA V, where the player has the choice of getting busted once the wanted level is attained. The lack of gunpoint is due to no busted mechanic being implemented in GTA Online. When confronted, however, the player does have the choice of resisting law enforcement, either by physically fighting back or attempting to escape on foot or by car. Either option will immediately raise the player's wanted level to two stars.

When wanted, police will pursue a fleeing player on foot if they exit their shooting range. Officers in police cars will also spawn and follow the player. At one star, a minimum of one police vehicle (excluding any officers pursuing on foot) will pursue the player at any given time. Any officers that are nearby, including other NPCs such as Security Guards and Fort Zancudo personnel, will attempt to kill the player when the first star is attained. Firefighters and Paramedics may also become hostile towards a wanted player if nearby; however, they are likely to be scared off when police officers arrive at the scene.

A one-star wanted level can be acquired by committing any of the following deeds:

  • Pedestrians
    • Running over or hitting a pedestrian with a vehicle.
    • Killing a pedestrian by means of fists, melee weapons, or firearms.
      • Note: Injuring 2 pedestrians within a reasonable time frame instantly gives the player a wanted level.
    • Pointing a gun, but not shooting, at a civilian while in sight of police.
      • Chasing a pedestrian after being aimed near officers.
        • Note: This action will cause other pedestrians to flee with the victim, which will provoke nearby officers.
    • Discharging a weapon near pedestrians.
      • Note: This chance of gaining a wanted level seems to proportionally increase with the number of nearby pedestrians.
    • Showing physical aggression (punching, kicking, or shoving) towards a pedestrian while in sight of police.
      • Note: A wanted level is less likely to be given if the pedestrian becomes hostile and attacks the player first. The pedestrian will be gunned down if they throw the first punch or fire a weapon, granted that the fight occurs near an officer.
      • Pushing a pedestrian against another pedestrian sitting down.
        • Note: This action, in turn, will immediately kill the pedestrian who is sitting.
        • Walking into pedestrians by the following locations:
      • Beating up a civilian's corpse while in sight of police.
        • Note: Attacking the corpse of an emergency worker or officer will result in two and three stars respectively.
  • Police Officers and Police Vehicles
    • Annoying a police officer.
      • Performing a Character Action in front of an officer.
      • Honking a vehicle's horn numerous times near an officer.
      • Verbally insulting an officer.
      • Flipping off an officer.
      • Performing a prolonged burnout in front of an officer.
      • Walking or bumping into an officer.
      • Standing too close to an officer for too long.
      • Getting in the way of a police vehicle for too long by standing in front of it.
        • Note: When standing in front of a police vehicle, the officers inside will honk the horn and command the player to move. If this order is ignored, the officers will insult the player and activate the sirens just before the wanted level is given. It typically takes roughly ten seconds for this to happen in full.
    • Crashing into an occupied police vehicle.
      • Note: A wanted level will not be given if the player merely bumps or scrapes against the police vehicle in question. To attain a wanted level, the player must crash into the vehicle with a hard enough force that could incapacitate a civilian occupant.
    • Damaging a non-police vehicle while in sight of an officer, or if reported.
      • Damaging an unoccupied police vehicle in sight of an officer, or if reported.
        • Note: Damaging an occupied police vehicle will instead result in two stars.
      • Standing on top of an occupied police vehicle, or otherwise any vehicle that is occupied by at least one officer.
    • Injuring, repeatedly insulting, or otherwise provoking a security guard.
      • Note: Guards can be provoked by committing crimes within their sight, such as fighting nearby civilians or causing other chaos.
  • World
    • If reported by a pedestrian, causing damage to the world with a vehicle.
      • Setting off an explosion, even if no damage is done (i.e. firing an RPG or triggering a sticky bomb).
    • Being caught trespassing by a security guard at the Kortz Center after hours.
  • Vehicles
    • If reported, stealing a vehicle not owned by the player, whether occupied or unoccupied.
      • Driving near an officer with a vehicle's alarm active.
      • Killing the owner of a vehicle with a firearm or melee weapon during or after a carjacking.
      • Driving a stolen vehicle in sight of police that has not been resprayed.
    • If reported, performing a near miss at a pedestrian.
      • Note: Performing a near miss at an officer or security guard will always result in a wanted level if the player does not leave quickly.
    • Crash-landing an aircraft, but not exploding it.
      • Bailing out of an aircraft and subsequently exploding it.
    • Driving a vehicle on fire while in sight of an officer.
    • Being caught drunk driving.
      • Note: Drunk driving in an emergency vehicle, such as the Police Maverick and Police Cruiser, will always give the player a wanted level, even if no officers or witnesses are present.
    • Knocking down a large number of motorcyclists with a vehicle, or if reported.
    • Colliding and exploding a vehicle with another vehicle.
    • Continuously ramming into or attacking other vehicles, whether occupied or unoccupied.
  • Emergency Services
    • Attacking a firefighter or paramedic, either by fists or melee weapons.
      • Note: Attacking emergency workers with firearms or other ranged weapons, such as Molotov Cocktails, will instead result in two stars. Strangely, attacking with snowballs may not always result in a wanted level, despite the fact that snowballs are both ranged weapons and lethal.
  • Other players
    • Attacking or killing another player while in sight of police.
    • Allowing other players to enter a vehicle while the player is wanted.
      • Note: The occupant with the highest wanted level will automatically and immediately apply said wanted level to all occupants in the vehicle, regardless of whether the other occupants are also wanted or not.
      • Entering another player’s vehicle while the player has a wanted level active.
  • Miscellaneous Crimes
    • Being caught shoplifting items at convenience stores.
    • Causing mayhem at a convenience store.
      • Smashing windows or products using fists or melee weapons.
      • Physically attacking the shopkeeper.
        • Ignoring the shopkeeper's verbal warnings to leave.
      • Trespassing into the back room and/or using the computer there.
    • Requesting Ballistic Equipment or Ammo Drop while an officer is nearby.
    • Landing a parachute within a heavily populated area, such as downtown Los Santos.
    • Rarely, the player may earn a wanted level without any reason. This is likely an oversight within the game's mechanics.

During a one-star wanted level, the Los Santos Police Department in Los Santos will deploy the Police Cruiser (Interceptor), and the Los Santos County Sheriff in Blaine County will do the same with the Sheriff Cruiser. The LSPD and Sheriff will both operate the Predator if the player swims or drives a boat into the ocean.

Two Stars[]

Unlike one-star wanted levels in GTA Online, wanted levels consisting of two or more stars differ little from GTA V. During pursuits, officers drive very aggressively; they may now attempt to ram the back of the player's vehicle with their own in hopes of sending the player spinning out of control. Pursuits are also relatively coordinated in comparison to previous GTA installments. Police cars may wait at the side of the road to "ambush" the player as they drive by, and officers may also attempt to blend into civilian traffic with their lights and sirens deactivated until the player draws near. At two stars, a minimum of three police cars will chase the player. Officers will also shoot from their vehicles if shots are fired from the player or if a weapon is pointed in their direction; doing this during a one-star wanted level will immediately raise the player's wanted level to two stars.

A two-star wanted level can be acquired by committing the following crimes:

  • Pedestrians
    • Firing a ranged weapon within audible range of police, even if said gun is not aimed at anyone.
    • Injuring 5 pedestrians (6 for suppressed weapons) while at a one-star wanted level.
      • Note: Killing and/or injuring same pedestrians will not boost wanted level status.
  • Police
    • Attacking a law enforcement officer with fists or melee weapons.
      • Note: Attacking law enforcement with firearms or ranged weapons will instead result in three stars.
      • Killing a security guard with a firearm.
    • Running over, but not necessarily killing, an officer or guard with a vehicle.
    • Resisting arrest, either by fighting law enforcement or attempting to run/drive away.
    • Threatening a police officer with a firearm.
      • Pointing a gun in the direction of an officer or security guard.
      • Walking near a police station with a firearm in hand.
    • Killing a member of the San Andreas State Prison Authority, usually via the Sniper Rifle, protecting Bolingbroke Penitentiary while outside of the prison's perimeter.
      • Note: Killing a prison guard while inside the prison walls will instead result in four stars.
    • Trespassing within the Davis Sheriff's Station's impound lot to retrieve the player's Personal Vehicle without paying the fine.
      • Activating an RC Personal Vehicle while the vehicle is impounded.
        • Note: This gives the player an instant wanted level for using vehicles with Imani Tech’s Remote Control Unit installed.
    • Reentering an officer's field of sight when having a one-star wanted level after police have lost sight.
  • Vehicles
    • Stealing a police vehicle near any police station, or otherwise anywhere else in the game, while in sight of police.
    • Physically attacking a vehicle that is occupied by at least one officer.
    • Shooting down or crashing an aircraft occupied by at least one civilian.
    • Simultaneously destroying several vehicles and/or blowing up civilian traffic with an explosive weapon.
      • Note: The Wanted Level will be raised if excessive destruction occurs.
    • Continuing to attack other vehicles after the first star has been attained.
  • Emergency Services
    • Killing a firefighter or paramedic with a firearm or ranged weapon.
    • Bailing out or having inadequate funds to pay the Downtown Cab Company driver's fare when the player is riding in a taxi.
  • Miscellaneous Crimes
    • Refusing to leave the Los Santos Golf Club after a verbal warning has been given.
    • Firing an explosive weapon, running over military personnel, or stealing a vehicle inside of Fort Zancudo (If the player owns a Hangar in the base).
      • Note: Doing the same deeds will result in three stars if the player does not own a Hangar.
    • Robbing a 24/7 Store by means of holding the shopkeeper at gunpoint.
    • Stealing a vehicle that has been requested by Simeon.
    • Instigating a gunfight with a gang, such as the Families or Ballas.
      • Killing several gang members consecutively, whether initially hostile or not.
  • Events
    • Sometimes, collecting G’s Cache gives a player a wanted level.
    • Failure to return the stolen cash to the shop after the time limit.
    • Entering the crime scene and stealing evidence from officers.
    • Entering the crash site if the briefcase is not collected on time.

Vehicles: Police Cruiser, Sheriff Cruiser, Police Predator (Water Only).

Three Stars[]

At three stars, the police widen their range of tactics to stop the player. They will set up roadblocks with their police cars and police transporters; roadblocks may also be accompanied by sets of spike strips on the road nearby, which are deployed as means of deflating the player's tires. All non-NOOSE officers that spawn when three or more stars are attained wear bulletproof vests. Officers will now run up to the player if they are seated in a stationary or slow-moving vehicle, drag them out, and instantly kill them with their equipped weapon. A Police Maverick will also be called in to follow the player and provide visibility from the air; at night, it will shine a spotlight on the player to highlight his/her location to ground units. Each Maverick also contains a team of five NOOSE officers, two of whom ride aboard and attempt to gun down the player from the air with their Carbine Rifles. A minimum of four police cars and a Police Maverick will be sent after the player at any given time; when passing a roadblock, however, nearby officers will get in their parked vehicles and join the pursuit. The Police Maverick will stay on duty until its fuel runs low, at which point it will return to base; however, another will spawn and replace it in short order.

A three-star wanted level can be acquired by committing the following crimes:

  • Pedestrians
    • Injuring 15 (16 for suppressed weapons) more civilians and/or other players after the second star has been attained.
  • Police
    • Running over and killing a law enforcement officer.
    • Killing a law enforcement officer or soldier, either by fists or other weapons.
    • Trespassing behind the information desk, into the staircase, or onto the rooftop of the Mission Row Police Station.
      • Using the police computer behind the counter inside the Mission Row station.
    • Shooting a firearm in near proximity of Bolingbroke Penitentiary.
    • Attacking Fort Zancudo personnel.
    • Burning a deceased officer's body with a Molotov or Jerry Can.
  • Vehicles
    • Continuing to blow up traffic.
    • Destroying a vehicle or aircraft occupied by at least one officer or soldier.
    • Continuing to attack other vehicles after the second star has been given.
    • Failing to return and/or destroying a requested vehicle from Lester.
  • Miscellaneous Crimes
    • Robbing several stores within a certain amount of time without changing facial coverings, such as masks.
      • Shooting and/or killing the 24/7 Store shopkeeper during or after a robbery.
  • Events

Vehicles: Police Cruiser, Police Transporter, Police Maverick, Sheriff Cruiser, Police Predator (Water Only).

Four Stars[]


A Police Maverick landing and deploying a NOOSE team to engage the player on the roof of the Los Santos Naval Port

At a four-star wanted level, ground-based NOOSE teams will be sent to intercept the player. They arrive in FIB Grangers or Sheriff SUVs, depending on whether the perpetrator is in Los Santos or Blaine County respectively. Three officers ride aboard each vehicle: one agent drives, and the other two hang from the sides of the vehicle, giving them a wide and unobstructed shooting range. Up to three Police Mavericks may now become involved, although typically only two will be simultaneously deployed. When the officers aboard said helicopters cannot get a clear shot at their target, they will rappel out of the helicopter's side doors and engage the player on the ground. A Police Maverick will also attempt to land if there is enough room to do so, dispatching up to four NOOSE officers directly towards the player; the fifth will remain in the helicopter and fly back to base. Armored Police Riot vans will also spawn in blockades. At this wanted level, a minimum of five police ground vehicles and two police helicopters will be sent after the player at any given time. Unlike officers at three stars and below, only NOOSE officers will perform drive-by shootings at the player, even if no shots are fired from the player first.

A four-star wanted level can be acquired by committing the following crimes:

  • Pedestrians
    • Continuing to kill civilians and/or players after the third star has been attained.
  • Police
    • Continuing to retaliate against law enforcement.
    • Assaulting and/or killing multiple police officers within a few seconds.
    • Destroying a pursuing Police Maverick.
      • Note: It may take two or more downed units to attain the fourth star.
  • Vehicles
    • Continuing to blow up traffic.
  • Miscellaneous Crimes
    • Trespassing within Fort Zancudo limits if the player does not own a Hangar.
      • Entering the air space above Fort Zancudo if the player does not own a Hangar in the base.
      • Entering the Air Traffic Control tower in Fort Zancudo even if the player owns a Hangar.
    • Being caught trespassing in Bolingbroke Penitentiary or Humane Labs and Research.
      • Flying low over or landing an aircraft in Bolingbroke Penitentiary.
    • Attacking and/or killing a prison guard protecting Bolingbroke Penitentiary while inside the prison's perimeter.
    • Robbing at least four stores in a row without changing facial coverings, all while killing each store's clerk.

Vehicles: Police Cruiser, Police Transporter, Police Maverick, FIB Granger, Sheriff Cruiser, Sheriff SUV, Police Riot, Police Predator (Water Only).

Five Stars[]

A continued pursuit will eventually give the player a five-star wanted level, the highest possible wanted level in the game. The streets will now be filled with police personnel and feature very little, if any, civilian traffic. Numerous police and NOOSE officers will hunt the player and set up multiple roadblocks simultaneously. At five stars, an indefinite number of police vehicles, as well as up to three Police Mavericks, will chase the player.

A five-star wanted level can be acquired by committing the following crimes:

  • Pedestrians
    • Continuing to murder civilians and/or players after the the fourth star has been attained.
  • Police
    • Continuing to retaliate against law enforcement.
    • Killing a large number of police officers or other combatants.
  • Vehicles
    • Destroying a large number of cars, boats, bikes, aircraft, or other vehicles.
      • Continuing to blow up traffic.
  • Miscellaneous Crimes
    • Robbing all 24/7 stores whilst killing the owner and without getting wasted or changing masks.

Vehicles: Police Cruiser, Police Transporter, Police Maverick, FIB Granger, Sheriff Cruiser, Sheriff SUV, Police Riot, Police Predator (Water Only).

In Missions[]

All wanted levels will be triggered by a unique crime in certain missions listed below.

Non-Organization/MC Club Freemode Activity[]

  • Distract Cops - Entering the distraction zone begins a one-star wanted level and increases by one star every two minutes to reach five stars (PS3/Xbox 360).

VIP/CEO Works/Challenges[]

  • Asset Recovery - Stealing a target vehicle at the beginning of the VIP work triggers three stars when driving a motorcycle or four stars when driving a car. The level will decrease to two stars when arriving near the destination.
  • Hostile Takeover - (All wanted level status will remain until the player successfully delivers the briefcase)
    • Altruist Cult - Stealing the briefcase from Altruists triggers a three-star wanted level.
    • LSIA - Entering near the hangar of LSIA will trigger a four-star wanted level.
    • Merryweather Base - Stealing the briefcase from Merryweather will trigger a three-star wanted level.
    • Fort Zancudo - Entering the base and aiming triggers a five-star wanted level.
  • Headhunter - Wanted levels will trigger based on the player's actions if the bodyguards and the target were provoked.
    • Assassinating a second target gives every organization member a one-star wanted level. Two stars will be given if a third target is assassinated. The wanted level status will be cleared once all targets are assassinated.
      • However, after finishing a mission, a one-star wanted level will be given if the player remains in the scene for too long while being spotted by bodyguards.
    • Attacking and/or destroying a moving target vehicle gives the player 1 to 2 stars. Destroying two target vehicles and/or killing a target by the same player with 2 stars gives them a three-star wanted level.
    • Provoking a target or bodyguards near the area will trigger a one-star wanted level.
  • Most Wanted - A VIP Challenge, initiated by the VIP/CEO, in which all players must survive a five-star wanted level for 10 minutes.
  • Courier Service - Collecting the bag of cash triggers a three-star wanted level until the player successfully delivers it to the destination.
  • Cashing Out - Sometimes a wanted level will trigger randomly between 1 to 3 stars if the player hacks an ATM.
  • Buy Special Cargo - Wanted levels between 1 to 3 stars will trigger based on the difficulty chosen. For example, buying one crate with a police mission triggers one star, two crates triggers two stars, and three crates three stars. The following missions involving wanted level:
    • Police Compound - Triggers upon entry to the police impound lot.
    • Ambush - Triggers when entering a special cargo vehicle waiting for the opportunity to trigger a chase, or by killing them.
    • Police Seizure - Triggers if shooting a Police Transporter containing special cargo.
    • Personnel Issue - Triggers if all targets and nearby NPCs get spooked.
    • Crash Site - Triggers if a player enters the crash site.
  • Vehicle Cargo - Like the special cargo missions, all missions that give wanted levels are based on the value of the vehicle. For example, sourcing a standard range vehicle involving a wanted level triggers one star, two stars if sourcing a mid range vehicle, and three stars if sourcing a top range vehicle. The following missions involve a wanted level:
    • Amateur Thief - Shooting and disrupting the police chase or vehicle cargo will always trigger a three-star wanted level regardless of its value.
    • Detective Work - Has a chance to trigger once the vehicle is reportedly stolen.
    • Mobile Vehicles - Has a chance to trigger once the vehicle is reportedly stolen, even if the owner of the vehicle is killed.
    • Heist Crew - Shooting any military personnel triggers a wanted level when trying to steal a Cargobob.
    • Movie Stunt - Triggers if security guards see a player killing one of them or being spotted stealing.
    • Traffic Stop - Triggers if arriving too close to their proximity of the driver and officers issuing a ticket.
    • Crime Scene - Triggers if the player enters the crime scene, even if the cops despawn.

Motorcycle Club Work/Missions/Challenges[]

  • By The Pound - Two stars will be given when the player meets up with an undercover drug dealer holding the product in Rogers Salvage & Scrap.
  • Jailbreak - Stealing the Prison Bus gives the player three stars, although the police difficulty has been reduced.
  • Nine Tenths of the Law - Stealing the motorcycles from La Mesa Police Station triggers a two-star wanted level, though a member that drives away from the station will clear the wanted level status for all MC members.
  • P.O.W. - Triggers two stars when arriving at one of the locations given.
    • Mission Row Police Station
    • LSIA Subway
  • Criminal Mischief - Biker Meleeing an occupied police vehicle on the map triggers a two-star wanted level.
  • On The Run - Triggers five stars when initiated by the Sergeant-at-Arms. In the mission, players must survive the police for 10 minutes on their motorcycles.


  • Supplies/Steal Missions
    • Rhino Tank - Entering the training area while stealing a Rhino Tank triggers a four-star wanted level with the difficulty of cop presence reduced. The wanted level status will be cleared once the tank arrives near the bunker.
    • Youga Classic - Has a chance of triggering a one-star wanted level right after stealing the vehicle with supplies.
    • Distract Police - The wanted level will cap up to four stars when at least one member of the organization distract all nearby cops. A wanted level will trigger if the distracting member drives too close to the supplies, failing to cooperate by stealing the vehicle without having a member gain 4 stars, or if the distracting member dies during a distraction.
    • Ballistic Equipment - A three-star wanted level will trigger when arriving too close to military personnel guarding the Ballistic Equipment.
  • Supplies/Sell Missions
    • Phantom Wedge - Upon entering the vehicle, a three-star wanted level will be given to all organization or MC members. The wanted level status will be cleared once the Phantom arrives closer to the drop-off (A one-star wanted level will be gained, though, due to a glitch).
    • Insurgent Pick-Up Custom - Sometimes, an organization or MC will receive a wanted level upon delivering to the drop-off.

Restricted Areas[]

There are several restricted areas in GTA Online that are off-limits to the protagonists and will automatically grant the player a wanted level should they trespass within. While inside any of these areas, the Lower Wanted Level cheat will not function, and the player will be unable to lose their heat unless they leave the area. Restricted areas include:

  • Fort Zancudo - Entering the base will give the player a four-star wanted level. Flying over it will give only two stars, although this will quickly escalate to four if the player does not move away quickly. However, as a part of Smuggler's Run update, it is unrestricted if the player owns a hangar at Fort Zancudo.
  • Bolingbroke Penitentiary - Entering the prison or flying low over it will give the player a four-star wanted level.
  • Kortz Center - Entering the Center after hours and being caught by a security guard will earn the player a one-star wanted level.


While the military will never be called in to pursue the player, military personnel may become involved in the chase if it occurs near Fort Zancudo. Typically this involves soldiers in Crusaders, who will give chase to the player and attempt to arrest them in GTA Online, although they will shoot the player if they resist arrest. On the base itself, military personnel will shoot to kill. Any patrolling Rhino tanks will also become involved and may exit the base to join the pursuit if the player stays too close for too long, using their cannons to try and kill the player.

In-game instruction[]

In the mission Los Santos Customs during the introduction, when the player gets a wanted level for the first time, the following instructions will appear:

  • If the Cops spot you in a stolen vehicle you will gain a Wanted Level. You can respray your vehicle at Los Santos Customs.

Escaping a Wanted Level[]

To escape a wanted level, the player must stay out of sight of the police pursuers (in the "cone search mode") for a period of time (the length of time depends on the severity of the wanted level). When the wanted stars in the corner of the screen are flashing, it means the player is out of sight. The slower they are flashing, the closer the player is to escaping. If a police pursuer spots the player and the chase reverts to active mode, the escape timer will reset.

Entering some interior locations will remove the wanted level, specifically locations that involve a "fade to black" load to an interior (i.e. Nightclubs, Arcades, apartments, garages). There are exceptions to this, as entering one's Terrorbyte or Mobile Operations Center will not remove the wanted level, and police will proceed to attack the vehicle.

The player is able to call Lester Crest after achieving rank 21 to immediately remove the wanted level for a fee of $200 per star. If the player completes The Doomsday Heist, Lester will remove the player's wanted level for free, if called.

If the player is flying an Akula while having a wanted level of 3 or more stars, activating its stealth mode will reduce the wanted level to 2 stars, thus making it easier for the player to lose the remaining stars.

The player can reduce their wanted level by one star by changing their appearance - this can be done by putting on or taking off a mask or sunglasses while the search is in "search cone" mode. This will mean they have less time to wait out the search.

Failure to escape will result in the player either being arrested or killed. If the player is within a block radius of their Personal Vehicle, their vehicle will be impounded.

Using the railway system is perhaps the easiest way to escape because the police have a hard time following the player on rail. They will not drive on the tracks and will only follow on foot into railway tunnels (where they can be sniped before they trigger detection).

For each star that the player successfully evades (not removes), they will receive 100 RP, so evading five stars rewards 500 RP.


Grand Theft Auto Online shares achievements and trophies related to Wanted Level with Grand Theft Auto V.


Many different scores can play during wanted levels, most of them originally from Grand Theft Auto V, with growing intensity as wanted stars are gained. These soundtracks will begin to play shortly after obtaining at least 3 wanted stars, and will play when on foot or in a vehicle without the radio on. These soundtracks only play when Music Volume is active. Some soundtracks are specific to area; wanted soundtracks in Blaine County differ from those in Los Santos County.

The soundtracks have several phases, including the cooldown zone, and each soundtrack has special stems which play when the player is hidden or losing their wanted level. A special sound effect also plays when the player loses their wanted level.

Wanted level soundtracks overrule the flying soundtrack, which plays while in an aircraft, but do not overrule mission soundtracks.

The wanted level soundtracks, like regular mission soundtracks or radio music, do not play in the Rockstar Editor. Wanted level tracks do not play in Director Mode.


  • If the player is in a vehicle and being chased by the police, civilians may occasionally help the police by either attempting to ram the player's vehicle off the road, or by blocking the player's path.
    • Similarly, if one disables a police vehicle but does not kill the police officers, the officers may commandeer a civilian car to continue the pursuit.
  • The cone shapes on the radar during a wanted level are comparable to Manhunt's hiding system and the police search mechanic first seen in the Wanted Level system in Bully, both Rockstar games.
  • It is possible to lose the cops by hiding in bushes, around trees and entering the tram (if in a bush, be wary that helicopters will still shoot at the player even if they are out of sight of the police).
  • NOOSE teams and Security Guards do not attempt to arrest the player, but security guards will shoot at them even if they have a one-star wanted level. Unlike Grand Theft Auto IV, NOOSE teams could arrest the player.
  • The player can hide in their apartment or garage to lose their wanted level; however, similar to the Los Santos Customs, the player can only enter if they are out of sight of the police. Police will occasionally spawn near the player's apartment if they have a high wanted level. However some properties (e.g. Biker Business or Bunker) can be accessed even if the police can see the player.
  • The LSSD (Los Santos County Sheriff's Department) will have no differences with the LSPD in driving and gunfight tactics (despite Lester claiming that the LSPD officers receive better training in Paleto Score Setup).
  • The San Andreas Highway Patrol will pursue the player using Police Bikes and shoot players with their pistol even if having only one star. Notice that they do not appear normally during pursuits, and only chase the player if roaming near a spawn point (such as near a highway). [ref?]
  • If the player is on the road with a wanted level, police vehicles will sometimes spawn ahead on the road either slowly driving or remaining stationary, with their sirens off. This replicates a normal patrolling vehicle that is not aware of the player's approach but has the side-effect of causing players to confuse the police vehicles with other civilian vehicles in the traffic.
  • It is possible for the player to escape the police in locations that would appear to be easily accessible to the pursuers. For example, the police will very rarely chase a player into the subway construction tunnel leading off the Del Perro Freeway under the Alta Street overpass.
  • There are several places where the search cone mode seems to ignore the vertical axis and police above ground can "see" players hiding in underground tunnels with no direct line of sight to the player.
  • Should the player be in a stationary vehicle whilst out of sight of the police, the protagonist inside can be seen looking around anxiously until the police spot the player or give up.
  • In the enhanced version, the police will always drive-by shoot at the player if they have acquired four stars or more.
  • If the player looks at another player who has a wanted level, a star can be seen next to the wanted player's name, containing a number (from 1 to 5) reflecting the severity of the wanted level they have.
  • The PlayStation 4 and 5 controller lights will alternate red and blue when wanted, and the speed of it is determined by the wanted level.