The Wade Heston's Contact is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor, but important character in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


This is the character who gives informations to Wade Heston from the archives of the FIB, where he supposedly works, but in the end, both Heston and Huang realize that the reality is different. This character is mentioned in several missions given by Wade Heston. He also works for the Wonsu Nodong and possibly for the Triads.

Events of GTA Chinatown Wars

After having tried several plans to discover what the Midtown Gangsters are plotting against the Triads, Heston decides to use his contact who works for the FIB, but he will not do anything until a work of dubious legality is carried out. Wade needs Huang to do his dirty works, which consisted of sinking a drug boat belonging to Zhou Ming, which Huang does.

Shortly after, Heston meets Huang again, where he tells him that his contact has an "illegal wiretap" of the Koreans, but there's several antennas blocking that wiretap, so if they want to know about the wiretap, they need to destroy the police antennae, a task that Huang performs. However, Huang knows that if Hsin finds out that Huang works with federals, he would end it.

Later, Heston tells Huang that his contact found a way to discover the name of the traitors, but for this they will need to hack some FIB files. Huang goes to the different transfer points in Algonquin to be able to hack the files, but soon the LCPD would notice and will start hunting Huang. In the end, Huang manages to download the files and finally, Heston's contact reveals the names of the traitors: Chan Jaoming and Zhou Ming .

After Huang murdered the alleged traitors, Chan and Zhou, he received an email from Heston telling him that Chan and Zhou were not the rats and the FIB report was manipulated.

Heston and Huang goes to the real "rat" location, who was going to have a meeting with Heston's contact. Once Huang arrives, he learns that his uncle, Wu "Kenny" Lee stole the Yu Jian sword and murdered his father. Kenny tries to explain, but Huang has none of it. Then LCPD, IAD and FIB agents show up, and Kenny, Huang and Wade are forced to make a hasty retreat.

Heston's contact can be killed by Huang Lee during the shootout. If Huang doesn't kill him, however, the IAD agents or the FIB agents will take care of it.

Mission Appearances


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