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The WNKA International Newspaper is a United Kingdom-based newspaper in Grand Theft Auto V. It is a parody of BBC News.


While there isn't an accessible online edition, sometimes the network will publish news related to storyline events in the in-game internet, such as the scandal of the British royal Princess Georgina buying drugs (which the newspaper defends her at all cost), the assassination of Enzo Bonelli, The Bureau Raid, the presentation of the British cartoon The Loneliest Robot in Great Britain and the Chinese company Ming Ha Ling purchasing Logger Beer for $4.2 billion.


  • Faith Bailey, news reporter.


  • As part of Rockstar's crude humor, the name is a play of the word wanker, which is a rather common insult among British people.
  • WNKA's sensationalist attitudes displayed in their newspaper articles may be a reference to similar beliefs held by right-leaning British newspapers the Daily Express and the Daily Mail, both of which have been criticised for this several times over the years.