The Voxel Concept is a futuristic prototype car in Grand Theft Auto: London 1961.


Grand Theft Auto: London 1961

The Voxel Concept is apparently suggested to be a two-door coupe concept car with then futuristic styling common during the 1960s, probably based on the 1960 Plymouth XNR Concept including a large, sleek body design, straight lines, orange bodywork and a panoramic greenhouse, literary coloured green. The car is only available in orange, with a green greenhouse. Unusually, the front windshield and rear window are seemingly one, taking up much of the vehicles' surface area.


Grand Theft Auto: London 1961

The Voxel Concept's performance is excellent. While it is 25% more heavier than normal cars, the car's acceleration and top speed are the best among all cars in the game. Another peculiarity is that the car's resilience to damage is only 2% higher than average, similar to the Ferocious GTO, Porka 910, Raver, Safari and TV Van. On other attributes, the Voxel Concept fares more averagely, as seen with its grip and handling.


Grand Theft Auto: London 1961

  • The Voxel Concept's base export value is average, selling at £400 if delivered in perfect condition.


  • The Voxel Concept has no real-world 1960s equivalent, although similar vehicles would appear commercially in the 1970s and become prolific in the 1980s (therefore the Voxel could be seen as a forerunner to many of the cars in GTA Vice City). The Voxel Concept is not a Rockstar-original design however; it is based on an unrealized British concept car of the late 1960s by Vauxhall Motors called the Vauxhall Guildsman.[1] The Vauxhall Guildsman design is most famous for being the basis of a 1971 line of toys by Matchbox. In later iterations the toy more resembled a bubble car.
    • This lends to the idea that the rendering of the Voxel Concept could be taken off that of one such toy car rather than that of the concept car itself.
      • It should be noted that the design of the Vauxhall Guildsman was only unveiled during the late 1960s, implying the car's existence in the game is anachronistic considering the 1961 setting.
  • Despite its out-of-place design for the early 1960s setting, and its assumed rarity as a concept car, the Voxel Concept can still be found casually parked in parts of London, especially near Pay 'n' Sprays.
  • The Voxel Concept assumes the car ID of GTA London 1969's Raver (#70).[2]