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Von Crastenburg Hotel (also known as Crastenburg Hotels & Resorts) is a luxury hotel chain featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


The company is most likely based on Hilton Hotels & Resorts. Judging by the name, the hotels are owned by the Von Crastenburg Family, one of the richest families in the world. It is the biggest hotel chain in the HD Universe, with six branches in the city of Los Santos.


Branch Description Image
Vinewood Bordered by Vinewood Boulevard, Power Street, Clinton Avenue and Meteor Street in Downtown Vinewood. It is based on the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, sharing a similar Spanish-style exterior design. It is the oldest and most iconic Von Crastenburg Hotel in Los Santos. The Clappers nightclub and restaurant is located in the lobby of the hotel. This branch also includes a swimming pool area that can be accessed from Clinton Avenue and Meteor Street. VonCrastenburgHotel-Vinewood-GTAVVonCrastenburgHotel-Vinewood-Back-GTAV
LSIA Located on Autopia Parkway and Greenwich Parkway, a few blocks away from the Los Santos International Airport. It is a 15-story modern building based on the Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel in Los Angeles. VonCrastenburgHotel-LSIA-GTAV
Pacific Bluffs Located on Playa Vista, Pacific Bluffs. This Von Crastenburg hotel branch is composed of two buildings, which are based on the Ocean Towers condominium complex in Santa Monica, California. VonCrastenburgHotel-PacificBluffs-GTAV
Rockford Hills Although the hotel is named Von Crastenburg Richman, the branch is actually located on Dorset Drive and Boulevard Del Perro, Rockford Hills, within walking distance of the Los Santos Golf Club. Some of the amenities include a swimming pool and tennis courts in an annex building. It is based on The Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills. VonCrastenburgHotel-Richman-GTAVVonCrastenburgHotel-GTAV-SouthView
Del Perro Located on Boulevard Del Perro, Del Perro. The hotel is similar in design to the one in Pacific Bluffs, but this one is smaller and a single building. It is most likely also based on the Ocean Towers in Santa Monica. VonCrastenburgHotel-DelPerro-GTAV
Little Seoul Located on Palomino Avenue, Little Seoul. The buildings are very similar in design to the ones in Pacific Bluffs and Del Perro, and modeled after the same real life counterparts. This is the final destination of the Private Taxi Fare side mission "Follow Car". CrastenburgHotel-LittleSeoul-GTAV

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