Vladimir "Vlad" Glebov (1967 - 2008) is a Russian loan-shark in Hove Beach, Broker and a character in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Glebov owns a Russian bar, called "Comrades" in the neighbourhood. Glebov attempts to raise his profile with the other Russian gangsters like Mikhail Faustin by doing collections for them.

He also employs Niko Bellic, initially to help enforce his protection racket but also for low-level assassinations, including that of Ivan Bytchkov.

After Niko learns that Vlad has been having an affair with Mallorie Bardas behind his cousin Roman's back, Niko confronts Vlad at Comrades Bar. After a chase through the Broker neighborhood, Niko eventually shoots Vlad under under the Algonquin Bridge before rolling his corpse into the Humboldt River, ignoring pleas that his boss, Mikhail Faustin, will certainly track down and eliminate the man responsible for his murder. Mikhail later admits that Vlad was an idiot, and the only reason he was still employed in his organization was because Vlad's sister was Mikhail's former mistress.

It is implied that Vlad is a heavy drinker, abuses cocaine, and is a womanizer. He also threatens Roman constantly and regularly fails to protect him from the Albanian Mafia, despite promises to the contrary.

Vlad drives a sky blue Marbelle sedan, as seen in the cutscene for Clean Getaway and the chase sequence in Uncle Vlad.

Ironically, in the opening cutscene for Easy Fare, Vlad tells Niko to stop staring at him, saying, "I'll burst one of your eyeballs!" In Niko's execution, this exact thing happens to Vlad, who is shot in the eye, causing a large amount of blood to burst out.

Vladimir is voiced by Misha Kuznetsov.


Vladimir Glebov character intro

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