Vivisection is a science kit/board game advertised in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories that allows kids to run biological experiments on live rats. It also comes as a popular kart-racing video game, and its commercial satirizes the numerous kart-racing video games released in the late 1990s, such as Mario Kart 64, Crash Team Racing, and Diddy Kong Racing.

The Vivisection game board logo was also available on a T-Shirt in Grand Theft Auto Online in a special crate drop during The Festive Special update in Christmas of 2014.


The following are transcribed from radio ads from Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

Board game ad (Head Radio)

Male announcer: It's the board game that's sweeping the country!


Male announcer: Science is finally fun, with Vivisection! Get your lab coats, kids, because you get to run real experiments on real, live rats, while playing a fun game for the whole family! Run your rat through Vermin's Vortex Maze. It's the game that's just like life. Just when you think you've won, someone blinds you with industrial solvent! Conduct all kinds of fun experiments, including cosmetic allergy tests and chemical warfare preperation!


Male announcer: Because real science is real fun. Conduct experiments on friends, too!

Boy #1: Aw, your rat bit me!

Boy #2: Ha ha, you've got the plague!

Male announcer: Who says scientists are boring dorks who never have any fun? Disembowel animals time after time for money, kicks, and scientific presige with Vivisection!

Kart racing game ad (Lips 106 and Liberty City Free Radio)

Male announcer: The #1 board game is now a fully licensed video game: Vivisection's Lab Rat Kart Racing! It's better than all those other licensed kart racing games, because, this time, you don't die of boredom, you die of anthrax! Video games and education meet in this incredible package, as you race, chase and scream your way through a twisty course that bears a marked similarity to all the other kart racing games we made!

Game: You won! Cool, you advanced to the next level, where you race on the same track again!

Male announcer: Play Vivisection, and Lab Rat Kart Racing today! Ages 5 and up. Rated T for "Terminal".



  • The word "vivisection" means cutting into or otherwise injuring living animals for the purpose of scientific research.
  • The Vivisection board game and kart racing game uses rats, but the animal sound effects used during the commercials are those of guinea pigs.

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