"I was a member of the jury in the 1991 movie Last Will & Testament, but they cut my line"
―The guide explaining her acting credentials.

The unnamed Vinewood Star Tour Guide is an actress and minor character appearing in Grand Theft Auto V as a tour guide.


The guide is an early middle-aged African-American woman of medium build with a short hairstyle.

She can be found on Vinewood Boulevard outside Vinewood Wax Haven between 7 am and 7 pm daily, offering the player a tour of all the hotspots of Vinewood aboard the company Tour Bus for $40.

During the journey, she reveals that she is an actress who hung out with sleazy producers in the lobby bar at the The Richman Hotel, and had a speaking role in the 1991 Peter Dreyfuss movie Last Will and Testament but her line was cut. She has been married at least twice, bankrupting her first husband with inspiration from An American Divorce. She is on prescription medication for an undisclosed condition. She says the introductory course to the Epsilon Program changed her life.



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