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These clubs were custom made in Japan
Mark Fostenburg

Vinewood Souvenirs - Mark is a side mission in the series of Vinewood Souvenirs missions in Grand Theft Auto V.


Trevor must retrieve a golf club from film director Mark Fostenburg. Fostenburg is located on the golf course of the Los Santos Golf Club. He is surrounded by three guards who will attack if Trevor gets too close or if Trevor opens fire. These events will also cause Fostenburg to flee, so it's best to use a shoot Fostenburg with a sniper rifle from a distance (he is the one wearing a red polo shirt). The mission ends when Trevor retrieves the golf club from the back of Fostenburg's golf cart, then evades the police. Fostenburg and his bodyguards do not have to survive for the mission to be successful; however, they must be killed if the player wishes to achieve two of the three Gold Medals.

Mission Objectives

  • Find Mark.
  • Pick Mark's Golf Club.
  • Lose the cops.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Under Par - Collect the golf club in less than 30 seconds.
    • The timer to collect the golf club only starts counting down once Mark has been killed, so take the time to get in position and line up a headshot with a sniper rifle, then quickly run in, kill his 3 guards, and pick up the golf club.
  • Hole in One - Kill Fostenburg with a headshot.
    • Use a Sniper Rifle.
  • Four! - Kill Fostenburg and his three security guards.
    • Kill Fostenburg first, then kill the rest of the security guards second.

Possible Deaths

  • Mark Fostenburg - Can be killed by Trevor in order to steal his golf club.
  • Mark Fostenburg's Bodyguards - Can be killed by Trevor for getting in his way of the stealing the golf club.


(Only if Mark is not killed)

Prattle Newspaper

"Film director and producer Mark Fostenburg was the victim of a violent attack today when an armed assailant confronted him on a Richman golf course and stole one of his golf clubs. Mr. Fostenburg, who has made billions of dollars reproducing the same action movie plot over and over again just with different protagonists and enemies, has sensitive palms from a life or no real work. He had the golf club custom-made for him in Japan with seal skin grips. Fostenburg brushed off the incident, telling police it wasn't worth him wasting his time filing a report because he can "buy a million more of those golf clubs tomorrow, and they cost 20K a piece, so you do the math."

Video Walkthrough


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  • The fact that two of the objectives for the gold medal require the player to kill Mark and one of the objectives require the player to kill all his bodyguards could possibly mean that their deaths in this mission are canon.
  • If Trevor wears his golf club clothes he can get close to Mark without guards turning hostile. However if he takes too long they will ask him to leave and then open fire.