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Dexie! Dexie! That's your fault, you stupid bald prick!
Kerry McIntosh shouting at Trevor.

Vinewood Souvenirs - Kerry is a Strangers and Freaks mission for protagonist Trevor Philips in the series Vinewood Souvenirs.


Trevor travels to Downtown Los Santos in search of starlet Kerry McIntosh and her dog Dexie. He finds Kerry near the Vangelico Jewel Store on Little Portola in Rockford Hills. Trevor whistles and then waves to Kerry, at which point Dexie runs away. Trevor chases Dexie until she is trapped in a corner at the fire station. He approaches Dexie and takes her $3,000 jewel-encrusted collar. With collar in hand, Trevor walks off and the mission ends.

Mission Objectives

  • Find Kerry.
  • Chase Dexie.
  • Pick Dexie's collar.
  • Leave the area.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Hot on the Paws - Stay close to Dexie throughout the chase.


Weazel News (Radio)

"Supermodel Kerry McIntosh and her dog attacked. A homeless man attacked supermodel Kerry McIntosh and her pooch while shopping in Portola Drive in Los Santos. He made off with a $3000 collar after chasing the dog down the street. Officials believe people probably sell it for drugs."

Stars Talk Weekly Newspaper

"What started out as just another obscenely extravagant Portola Drive shopping trip for supermodel Kerry McIntosh ended in terror, when a maniac chased down her beloved dog Dexie and stole its $3,000 collar. Police are still looking for the assailant, described by eye witnesses as a Caucasian homeless drug addict somewhere between 40 and 60 years of age. Police have no leads but our hearts break for Kerry who must be devastated."


Video Walkthrough


GTA 5 PC - Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough



  • Kerry McIntosh's face model is the same used for Lacey Jonas.
  • Dexie will not return to Kerry, but will instead run away onto the sidewalks. This is because once Dexie's collar is taken off, her AI and model become the same as that of a normal dog.
  • If Trevor is fast enough and touches Dexie, he will ragdoll.