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Vinewood Cemetery, also known as Temple cemetery[1] or Los Sepulcros[2] is a cemetery in Vinewood, Los Santos featured during the events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The cemetery is located in the northeastern corner of Vinewood. The main gateway is on the east side on a street off Vinewood Boulevard that marks the boundary between Vinewood and neighboring Temple. The entrance is wide enough for vehicular entry and leads to a circular paved area where a large fountain is situated. Paths lead from the fountain forming a large rectangle with the fountain in the southeast corner.

There is a large mausoleum building on the west side that has an open interior section and a large red brick building on the northeast corner. A memorial wall is found on the southeast corner. There are several obelisks and larger tombs along with many unmarked headstones.

Inside the mausoleum, pizza boxes, an armchair and a TV set can be seen, this may be an indirect reference to Buffy The Vampire Slayer character Spike.

Between 20:00 and 6:00, black graffiti will appear on some surfaces including the memorial wall in the cemetery.


Its location indicates it is at least party based on the Hollywood Forever Cemetery with the large mausoleum being a replica of that cemetery's Cathedral Mausoleum.

Events of GTA San Andreas

The cemetery is featured a few times throughout the game. It first appears in Sweet & Kendl when Sweet, Kendl and Carl Johnson are all mourning the death of their mother Beverly, with family friends Ryder and Big Smoke. Kendl leaves and the rest of the group are attacked by Ballas who show up as they go to leave. Big Smoke's Perennial is destroyed, prompting the gang to flee on BMX's and to head back to Grove Street. Later, when Ballas attend the funeral of Little Weasel, who was killed by CJ, Sweet devises a plan to sneak over the wall located at the back of the cemetery to kill Kane and his backup.


Flowers can be found immediately behind the largest obelisk.

Known Burials

Mission Appearances



  1. During Pimping side mission, a destination may be given as Temple cemetery:
    Take your girl near the Temple cemetery.
    — On-screen instruction

  2. There is reference to "Los Sepulcros" (Spanish for "The Graves") as a location in the mission of the same name, though the game map does not list this area as such.
    We'll go around back of Los Sepulcros and sneak over the wall.
    It could suggest that it was intended for the area to be called Los Sepulcros and not simply be another area in Vinewood. Unused police scanner audio: