For the 3D Universe counterpart, see Vinewood Boulevard (3D Universe), and for the radio station, see Vinewood Boulevard Radio.

Vinewood Boulevard is an iconic east-west avenue featured in Grand Theft Auto V. It runs through Downtown Vinewood in the city of Los Santos. It is based on the real-life Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Strip in Hollywood, Los Angeles, which Vinewood is based on. It is also a part of Route 18.


It is a continuation of Eclipse Boulevard in West Vinewood and begins at Las Lagunas Boulevard in the west. It intersects Alta Street where the Vinewood Walk of Fame begins. The walk goes to landmarks such as the Oriental Theater, a tattoo parlor and the Doppler Cinema, which is a purchasable property for $10,000,000. It then crosses Power Street where the walk ends. After another intersection on Meteor Street it passes through the Vinewood Police Station where Police Cruisers can sometimes be parked beside the road. It goes through an overpass above Interstate 1 and immediately ends at the intersection with Vinewood Park Drive in the east, where it becomes Mirror Park Boulevard.


Vinewood Boulevard is very lively and crowded, due to its popularity in the celebrity culture of Los Santos. There are several tourists walking around the pavement, looking closely at their tourist guides and using their phones to take pictures. An interesting feature of the pavement is the Vinewood Walk of Fame, which lists many famous celebrities ranging from musicians such as OG Loc to radio talk hosts such as Lazlow Jones. Notable landmarks include the Oriental Theater, where performers can be seen entertaining the crowds of tourists, the Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank and the Von Crastenburg Hotel. Vinewood Boulevard is based on the world famous Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Strip.

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