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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.
Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

Honestly, if half of my colleagues in the PD were as results-oriented as you, this city would be a different place.
— Vincent Effenburger to the GTA Online Protagonist.

Vincent Effenburger is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a main character in Grand Theft Auto Online, introduced in The Diamond Casino & Resort update.



Nothing is known about Vincent's background. His last name is Effenburger which is a variant of the surname Effenberger which also implicates that he is of Czech or German origin.

Events of Grand Theft Auto Online[]

The Diamond Casino & Resort[]

Vincent is the former Head of Security at The Diamond Casino & Resort, though is never seen on the casino property outside of missions and cutscenes.

He helped defend the casino during the missions Casino - House Keeping and Casino - Bad Beat, in which the Duggan Family attack the casino.

At the end of the mission Casino - Cashing Out, he is dismissed by the new owner of the casino, Thornton Duggan, who claims that they can handle security themselves, much to his own and the other casino staff's dismay.

The Diamond Casino Heist[]

The Diamond was meant to be my break... 'til the Duggans turfed me out.
— Vincent in Heist Prep: Security Intel expressing his dislike for Thornton Duggan's decision to fire him

A few months after being fired from the Diamond Casino, it is revealed that Vincent found a new job as a security guard of the Rockford Plaza. After taking back a vehicle that a thug has stolen, he gives the protagonist a USB key that contains information about the Diamond Casino's security to aid them on their heist, while at the same time getting revenge on the Duggan Family. He also claims to the protagonist that he is filing a wrongful dismissal lawsuit against Thornton.

The Chop Shop[]

Salvage Yard Robberies[]

At some point in 2023, Vincent joined the LSPD. Prior to his physical appearance, he is briefly mentioned in The Gangbanger Robbery, where his surname is mocked by the cops in a password for the police computer.

The Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid[]

In early 2024, Vincent discovers that a new cartel has recently arrived in San Andreas and is using the Clucking Bell Farms as a front for large-scale cocaine manufacturing and distribution, and his fellow LSPD officers are not only ignoring, but "actively facilitating" the cartel's operation. Vincent contacts his reliable friend from his time at the Diamond Casino, the GTA Online Protagonist, to meet him at Vespucci Police Station. Aware of the protagonist's criminal background and illicit businesses across the city, Vincent asks them for assistance to take down this new criminal organization of fellow nature in exchange of cash.

In order to prove the LSPD corruption to the protagonist, Vincent points out a small drug deal occurring across the street, in plain sight of the police station. He explains that the dealer – Ahron Ward – has been dealing drugs in front of the station for ten years without any penalty, because his corrupt LSPD colleagues in the station are receiving a slice of the dealer's earnings to turn a blind eye.

With this example, the protagonist is convinced that they are Vincent's only hope to pull this off, and agrees to help him in the police operation.

In order to get disrupt the LSPD's "protection" over criminal businesses, Vincent leaks the location of two money laundering businesses near the police station, owned by local street thugs who share their profits with the corrupt cops. The protagonist raids each of the businesses and steal their dirty cash to be used as budget to pull off the heist.

They set up their base of operations at an abandoned compound on Clinton Avenue in Downtown Vinewood, formerly used by the FIB as an off-the-books lockup, which will be used to store equipment for the raid, and later used as the drop-off point for the raid finale.

To assure the player gets paid, Vincent sets up a deal with Miguel Madrazo, the heir of the local Madrazo Cartel criminal empire, to sell the stolen cocaine. Madrazo's personal fence Jorge will perform the exchange at the abandoned FIB facility once the cartel's loot is acquired and the cops are cleared out.[2]

As a major "fuck you" to his corrupt colleagues at the police station, Vincent literally turns a blind eye during the deal, by looking away and refusing to be part of the deal or to receive a cut of the profits. After the deal is done, Vincent agrees to set them up with further deals with Jorge as long as they keep helping him disrupt the cartel-cop coalition by hitting the factory again.

Bottom Dollar Bounties[]

Dispatch Work[]

In the summer of 2024, upon hearing that the GTA Online Protagonist has purchased their personal police vehicle, Vincent contacts them via radio dispatch and asks for their help taking down various criminal activities around Los Santos and Blaine County that he isn't able to get involved in. The protagonist then participates in Vincent's Dispatch Work using intel he supplied and successfully stops numerous drug deals and terrorist attacks, therefore taking down many gang leaders and criminals in the process.


Vincent is a friendly man who has a habit of speaking in an overly grandiose and eloquent way. When a member of a biker group is run over during an incident, Vincent has the group get inside the casino for shelter. According to Tom Connors, Vincent has apparently accidentally scared some guests off, but when first greeting the Protagonist he comes across as polite and professional.

A text from Agatha informs the protagonist that Vincent has also developed a liking and respect towards them, due to their skills and competency in dealing with threats to the establishment. Upon meeting the protagonist again as mall security at the Rockford Plaza Shopping Center, Vincent greets them warmly and laments about his new position, these fond feelings are apparently returned by the Protagonist as they immediately rushed to Vincent's aid when he was run over by a car thief. Later he refers to them as his friend when driving the car away.

Vincent takes his job seriously and occasionally patrols the main floor of the casino; he has radio contact with other security and would respond to threats as soon as he could. Despite this, he was dismissed by Thornton out of redundancy, as the Duggan Crime Family was already in the business of providing security services. Vincent's professionalism carries over into his new job as despite it being a downgrade from his previous job, he still takes it very seriously and asks the protagonist to aid in getting a stolen vehicle back as his job may depend on it. He jokes that he hopes he becomes chief of security once the vehicle is returned.

While Vincent is still the friendly person who was first met at the casino, he reveals that he now harbors a grudge against Thornton Duggan for dismissing him, bitterly stating that he "[wants] to see Thornton Duggan hurt". After the protagonist aids him, he gives them a USB with security information on it, and in doing so, gaining some measure of revenge against Duggan.

Despite still being in good relations with the player, Vincent has visibly became more jaded and resentful after he has joined LSPD, professionally because of their corruption, and personally because of the fellow officers' constant bullying and mocking. Despite his resentment, Vincent is still serious about his duty, and investigates the new Cartel's operations in the city, despite its connection to the other members of the police force.

Mission Appearances[]

Grand Theft Auto Online[]

The Diamond Casino & Resort[]

The Diamond Casino Heist[]

The Chop Shop[]

Bottom Dollar Bounties[]

  • Dispatch Work (Voice/Boss)





  1. T.L. Flint on Instagram
  2. I've made arrangements with the representative of a local businessman to take them off your hands and pay you well. See you shortly.
    — Officer Vincent Effenburger about Miguel Madrazo.

    Jorge will only open the lockup if it's safe to do so.
    — Officer Vincent Effenburger about Jorge, if the wanted level is still active.


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