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For the other character in the casino, see Vincent (character).
This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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Yeah, who's emotionally unavailable now Juile? And where's Bobby at? Bobby! ... Fuck that guy.
— Vince In the Casino

Vince is a minor character appearing in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Vince is a disheveled guy in a light grey suit who is found in The Diamond Casino & Resort. He was added in The Diamond Casino & Resort update along with eleven other unique pedestrians, each with their own set appearance and several lines of dialogue.[1]

Vince can be found anywhere on the casino floor but is most commonly sitting on the floor, where he is usually lamenting his breakup with Julie. He mentions that he really should be getting back to his office job instead of drinking at the casino; Julie apparently won a lawsuit for half of his assets, and he currently doesn't have a home.

Vince's name is never mentioned as he is always in a monologue but his character model is unique and named in the game files. [2]



  1. Vince's Quotes
    At the bar
    • "Yeah, who's emotionally unavailable now Julie? And where's Bobby at? Bobby! ... Fuck that guy."
    • "You watch, a year from now, regional manager baby"
    • "I could really murder some Burger Shot"
    • "What's wrong with you all? Loosen up, this isn't a fucking library"
    • "What is with you people huh? Like drinking fucking mocktails? Losers!"
    • "Awesomesauce, anyone selling any blow?"
    • "Don't look at me, I'm fine. I'm fine!"
    Sitting on the floor near the entrance
    • "Cut me off, I haven't even started."
    • "I keep it real, what are you going to do sue me for it? Oh wait, she already did."
    • "Now it's all about quality me time."
    • "Fuck it, lucky escape."
    • "Hashtag, back on top."
    • "Best night ever!"
    • "Yeah baby, living the dream. Free at last"
    • "Heheh, they paying you to wear that?" (to male protagonist)
    • "Move on? I have moved on. I'm golden."
    • "Whoa shit. Need another bottle man." (extremely slurred)
    • "Waitress? The service sucks a big one in this place."
    • "Funny thing is, the dream guy in her head? Wouldn't even step over her to take a leak."
    Sitting on the steps by the cashier
    • "Yeah, she'll come crawling back and I'll be like adios sweetheart. Buenos nachos."
    • "I'd go home, if I fuckin' had one."
    • "I actually feel fuckin' awesome right now."
    • "At least I get to give half my shit to someone who fucking hates me for the rest of my life."
    • "She blew it. Pffttt. That's if she ever did."
    • "Good luck finding someone who puts up with your bullshit like I did."
    • "Just need a second wind."
    • "I was your peak, Julie."
    • "Where's my drink at? Who took my drink?"
    • "I should get back to the office... yeah right."
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