Vikky is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor character in The Ballad of Gay Tony (set in 2008).

Character history

Vikky is a resident of Liberty City and apparently resides in the same apartments as Yusuf Amir on Columbus Avenue between Obsidian Street and Pyrite Street in Middle Park, Algonquin. She frequently visits the Maisonette 9 night club and can, depending on the players' choice, become a love interest to the game's protagonistLuis Fernando Lopez, having sex in the ladies toilets if she is impressed with his dancing. She gives Luis her phone number and Luis can call her for a booty call.

Like the other girls, she does not have a specific character model, and shares it with any of the other women at Maisonette 9.

She speaks with an inconsistent accent. In her voicemail and the cutscene where she and Luis share numbers, she speak with an American accent, but during calls and her response to Luis ringing the doorbell, she speaks with an English accent.

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