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Viceport is an industrial area in Vice City, Florida, in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


There are many laborers working in this district, and as a result, most of the traffic is for commercial purposes. A boatyard is also located here among the many warehouses, which would eventually be purchased by the Vercetti Gang circa 1986, the setting of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. There are also freight ships surrounding the whole district. One of these freighters is owned by the Vice City Triads, and is believed to be used for a large-scale counterfeit operation. The Triads pay the Patrol Invest Group to keep trespassers off the ship. Due to the fact that the Triads have their freighter there, it's considered that Viceport is Triads turf, with the exception of the Boatyard. A Chartered Libertine Lines boat is docked in the boatyard. Industrial vehicles are seen driving around, with a Squalo and Jetmax parked at Tommy Vercetti's boatyard, although entering them activates a side mission. Viceport also features a fuel depot which was destroyed in 1984, and repaired again in 1986. It also features the garage that belongs to the military.

Geographically, Viceport is located on the south-eastern side of Downtown, between Escobar International Airport, Little Havana, and the ocean.

Also, in 1984, the setting of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, the Viceport district houses the Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound. A Pay 'n' Spray is found here.

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