The Vice Point Police Station's exterior in GTA Vice City.

The Vice Point Police Station is one of the four police stations located in Vice City and one of the two police stations located on the Vice City Beach island, the other one being the Washington Beach Police Station. Just as the name states, it is located in Vice Point, Vice City. The Police Station is rectangular shaped and beige in color with a brown roof. The Vice City Police Department's SWAT team is based in the Vice Point Police Station. Like the Little Havana Police Station and the Downtown Police Station, its inaccessible to the player. A SWAT Enforcer and a Police Car are parked in front of the station in GTA Vice City, and a VCPD Cruiser alongside a VCPD WinterGreen parked to the side of the station in GTA Vice City Stories. It is the smallest police station in GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories. There is a VCPD crest above the front doorway and there are two stones with Vice City Police Dept. and the VCPD crests carved into them on the two southern corners of the police station. There is also an American Flag at the front.


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