The Vice City Triads is a gang that appears and are mentioned only briefly in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. They are only known to have been involved in counterfeiting business, supplying printing plates of money to an unspecified Florida-based Counterfeit Syndicate.[1] They are prominently involved in the mission Spilling The Beans where Tommy Vercetti is assigned to break into a shipping container and extract information from the boss of the gang on the location of a printing plate shipment. The gang is also known to run a shipping company at Viceport, Vice City's harbor, where this gang is operating from a ship.[2] The Streetwannabes are said to have connections with the Triads. The gang members themselves do not appear on their ship as they've hired the Patrol Invest Group to guard their business.

Notes and References

  1. Kent Paul: "All I know about dodgy readys is the Triads supply the plates". (From the Spilling the Beans mission)
  2. Kent Paul: "They've got a shipping company down the docks". (From the Spilling the Beans mission)


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