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Vice City Transport Police is a building standing on the east side of Escobar International Airport in Vice City that appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Nothing is known about it besides the fact that it belongs to the Vice City Police Department. The building is inaccessible in both games and plays no role in either storyline. There is a parking lot beside this building where a Sentinel XS will spawn in GTA Vice City and a Sabre Turbo, a Comet and a Virgo will spawn in GTA Vice City Stories. There are several shipping containers and trailers at the parking lot in GTA Vice City, however, they are absent in GTA Vice City Stories.

Although the building appears to be a police station, the player will never respawn there after getting busted.


The design is based on Miami City Hall. It was formerly used as the Pan American Airlines Terminal Building, which would explain the location by the airport.



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☆ does not serve as a respawn location after being Busted
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