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This station is for professional lovers only, amateurs need not apply. You're with your #1 girl, you've been with this woman for years now and you know what she likes; it ain't pop, rock, or that new wave crap! A real woman wants a real man and real music to boot. And this is where VC For Lovers comes in; we're here on the airwaves providing you with soulful, soothing and velvet encased harmonies from the likes of Barry White and Marvin Gaye. VC for Lovers is station dedicated to those who are skilled in the art of love, passion and romance. On that special night with that special woman, make sure the champagne is chilled, the candles lit, the incense is burning and the dial is set to VCFL.

— GTA Vice City Stories Website

Vice City For Lovers (VCFL) is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories that plays soul, funk, quiet storm and R&B.


The station plays predominantly late 1970s to early 1980s soul and R&B in a quiet storm format and is hosted by Tina Jane. Song requests are often phoned in to the station whereby Tina often answers, and accepts or selects a song for disturbed individuals around the city, such as a man, whose wife works as a prostitute, who requests "Nightshift" on the station.

The Epsilon Program is referenced on the station when Tina Jane describes an anecdote where she was accosted by a member of the cult, asking her to join, much to her chagrin.

By 1986 (the setting of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City), the station appears to have gone off the air.

This is the second favorite radio station (behind V-Rock) of the Vice City Bikers.


Song: Preview:
"Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gaye (1982)
"Fantasy" by Earth, Wind & Fire (1977)
"It Started with a Kiss" by Hot Chocolate (1982)
"Mary Jane" by Rick James & the Stone City Band (1978)
"Nightshift" by Commodores (1985)
"Mambo" by Wally Badarou (1983)
Not available on Spotify
"It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me" by Barry White (1977)
"You Can't Turn Me Away" by Sylvia Striplin (1981)
"Everybody Loves the Sunshine" by Roy Ayers Ubiquity (1976)
"Risin' to the Top" by Keni Burke (1982)
"Love T.K.O." by Teddy Pendergrass (1980)



  • The VCFL Logo is based on the sculpture at LOVE Park in Philadelphia.
  • The bass line to the song "Risin' to the Top" by Keni Burke is sampled by the group Mary Jane Girls in the song "All Night Long", which can be heard on the station Fever 105 in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
  • The song "Nightshift" by The Commodores is anachronistic to the game's setting of 1984, as the track was only released in 1985, a year after the game's events.

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