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Vice City Cabs is a taxi company based in Vice City in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The company is a big rival of Kaufman Cabs. The location of the taxi company is unknown but is said to be somewhere in Vice City. They are bigger than Kaufman Cabs, having more taxis.[1] They are minor villains in GTA Vice City.

All of the Kaufman Cabs missions involve the Vice City Cabs. The drivers in the missions are usually depicted as wearing a blue shirt instead of the red one which they appear with on the streets.


Prominent Appearances in Missions

  • V.I.P. - A driver from Vice City Cabs steals Tommy's fare, forcing Tommy to either damage the driver's taxi or kill him to get the passenger back.
  • Friendly Rivalry - Tommy destroys three taxis from the company to prevent the Kaufman Cabs from losing business.
  • Cabmaggedon - Six taxis from the company ambush Tommy in an empty compound at Viceport. After a while, the owner of the Vice City cabs enters the compound with a Zebra Cab, whom Tommy eventually kills.



  • The cab drivers that appear around the city wear a red shirt, while the cab drivers with blue shirts only appear in Kaufman Cabs missions and inside The Pole Position Club.


  1. Ted: "VC Cabs keep beating us to it. They've got too many cars - we can't compete". (From the Friendly Rivalry mission).