The Vice City Bureau of Investigation (VCBI) is a subdivision of the Vice City Police Department in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The VCBI does not appear in the game and is only featured on Rockstar's official Grand Theft Auto: Vice City website. The bureau has files on prominent characters from the game that can be found on the website, as well as files on impounded vehicles and confiscated weapons. They are responsible for investigating Vice City's criminal underworld and the events that unfold during GTA: Vice City.

As seen through the window of their office on the official GTA: Vice City website, the VCBI is located somewhere on Ocean Drive.

Bob and Bruce are the only two known agents of the VCBI.



  • The Beach Patrol Headquarters is located in the same spot where the Vice City Bureau of Investigation headquarters is supposed to be.
  • The clock on the wall above the window in the VCBI headquarters (visible when the player zooms in on the desk) displays the system time of the device displaying the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City website, and can be changed by changing the system time of the device.

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