The Vice City Arena, also known as the Love Fist Concert Hall, is a concert hall featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, located in Downtown, Vice City.


Located next to the V-Rock Recording Studio, the concert hall is where the band Love Fist has a planned performance. The building consists of a decorated stage and a backstage area. The stage is briefly seen after the mission Publicity Tour where Tommy and the Love Fist members have a last conversation. After and before this mission, the building isn't normally accessible.

In GTA: Vice City Stories, the arena is present but lacks the Love Fist billboard. Phil Collins, who has a concert during the storyline, performs in the Hyman Memorial Stadium instead.




The flames that can be seen by looking through the wall.

  • The backstage area can never be seen nor entered during normal gameplay, only by entering the interior via a modification.
  • The flames of the stage can be seen by looking through the wall with a Rocket Launcher at the building entrance.


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