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Vespucci Movie Masks and Memorabilia is a mask and clothing store in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online located on Vitus Street in Vespucci Beach, Los Santos, south of the pier on the Vespucci Beach Sidewalk.

The store sells novelty masks and graphic T-shirts. The store is unlocked after the Masks heist setup mission in GTA V, but it is available from the start in GTA Online.

Items in GTA V[]

Image Name Price
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-Masks-GreenMonsterMask Green Monster Mask $270
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-Masks-RedMonsterMask Red Monster Mask $270
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-Masks-PigMask Pig Mask $200
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-Masks-DarkPigMask Dark Pig Mask $200
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-Masks-SilverSkullMask Silver Skull Mask $350
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-Masks-BoneSkullMask Bone Skull Mask $350
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-Masks-SpaceMonkeyMask Space Monkey Mask $450
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-Masks-WhiteHockeyMask White Hockey Mask $500
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-Masks-RedHockeyMask Red Hockey Mask $500
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-Masks-ApeMask Ape Mask $50
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-Masks-DarkApeMask Dark Ape Mask $50
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-Masks-CarnivalOrangeMask Carnival Orange Mask $99
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-Masks-CarnivalWhiteMask Carnival White Mask $99
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-Masks-CarnivalBlueMask Carnival Blue Mask $99
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-Masks-RedWrestlerMask Red Wrestler Mask $125
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-Masks-GreenWrestlerMask Green Wrestler Mask $150
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-Masks-PatriotWrestlerMask Patriot Wrestler Mask $175
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-Masks-DominoWrestlerMask Domino Wrestler Mask $85
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-Masks-GrayWrestlerMask Gray Wrestler Mask $150
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-Masks-PhoenixWrestlerMask Phoenix Wrestler Mask $175
T-Shirts (Michael only)
Image Name Price
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-TShirts-DelPerroPierTShirt Del Perro Pier T-Shirt $10
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-TShirts-LosSantosTShirt Los Santos T-Shirt $10
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-TShirts-SharkiesBitesTShirt Sharkies Bites T-Shirt $10
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-TShirts-MusclePeachTShirt Muscle Peach T-Shirt $10
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-TShirts-CoralReefersTShirt Coral Reefers T-Shirt $10
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-TShirts-SmokeBombTShirt SmokeBomb T-Shirt $10
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-TShirts-TheBigPuffaTShirt The Big Puffa T-Shirt $10
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-TShirts-LobStarTShirt Lob-Star T-Shirt $10
Tank Tops (Trevor only)
Image Name Price
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-TankTops-LosSantosTankTop Los Santos Tank Top $25
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-TankTops-SanAndreasTankTop San Andreas Tank Top $35
VespucciMovieMasks-GTAV-TankTops-LoveFistTankTop Love Fist Tank Top $38

Unavailable Clothes[]

Items in GTA Online[]