Vespucci Movie Masks and Memorabilia is a mask and clothing store in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online located on Vitus Street in Vespucci Beach, Los Santos, south of the pier on the Vespucci Beach Sidewalk. The store sells novelty masks and graphic T-shirts. The store is unlocked after the Masks heist setup mission.

Items in GTA V

Item Price
Green Monster Mask $270
Red Monster Mask $270
Pig mask $200
Dark Pig Mask $200
Silver Skull Mask $350
Bone Skull Mask $350
Space Monkey Mask $450
White Hockey Mask $450
Red Hockey Mask $450
Ape Mask $50
Dark Ape Mask $50
Carnival Orange Mask $99
Carnival White Mask $99
Carnival Blue Mask $99
Red Wrestler Mask $125
Green Wrestler Mask $150
Patriot Wrestler Mask $175
Domino Wrestler Mask $85
Grey Wrestler Mask $50
T-Shirts (Only available to Michael)
Item Price
Del Perro Pier T-shirt $10
Los Santos T-shirt $10
Sharkies Bites T-shirt $10
Muscle Beach T-shirt $10
Coral Reelers T-shirt $10
SmokeBomb T-shirt $10
The Big Puffa T-shirt $10
Lob Star T-shirt $10
Tank Tops (Only available to Trevor)
Item Price
Los Santos Tank Top $25
San Andreas Tank Top $35
Love Fist Tank Top $38

Unavailable Clothes

Items in GTA Online

Christmas Masks
Item Price
Santa Mask 1 Free
Santa Mask 2 Free
Santa Mask 3 Free
Reindeer Mask Free
Snowman Mask Free
Christmas Hats (available on December 24th, 2013)
Item Price
Red Santa Hat Free
Green Santa Hat Free
Elf Hat Free
Reindeer Antlers Free
Valentines Masks (available on February 12th, 2014)
Item Price Image
White Mysterious $2,137 White Mysterious.jpg
Red Mysterious $2,612 Red Mysterious.jpg
Black Mysterious $2,375 Black Mysterious.jpg
Bronze Masquerade $11,875 Bronze Masquerade.jpg
Silver Masquerade $14,250 White Masquerade.jpg
Black & Gold Masquerade $16,625 Black-Gold Masquerade.jpg
Cupid $14,250 CupidMask.jpg
Heists Update Masks
Item Price Image
Stripy T-Shirt Mask $1,600 Heists-Update-Mask-1.jpg
Crime Scene Tape Heists-Update-Mask-2.jpg
Princess Balacrava $9,500 Heists-Update-Mask-3.jpg
Moorehead $25,000 Heists-Update-Mask-4.jpg
Bandit Knit Balaclava Heists-Update-Mask-5.jpg
Black Knit Balaclava Heists-Update-Mask-6.jpg
The Don Plastic Face $15,000 Heists-Update-Mask-7.jpg
Charcoal Toggle Skit Heists-Update-Mask-9.jpg
Doll Plastic Face Heists-Update-Mask-10.jpg
Paisley Face Bandana $2,200 Heists-Update-Mask-11.jpg
White Vampyr $14,500 Heists-Update-Mask-12.jpg
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