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Vespucci Boulevard Bridge is a road bridge in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, located in La Mesa. The bridge crosses the Los Santos River and connects Mission Row to La Mesa.


The bridge appears as a single-span arch bridge with decorative pillars at either side. It carries two lanes of traffic across in either direction, crossing the Los Santos River. It starts at Sinner Street just south of the Mission Row Police Station and passes over Little Bighorn Avenue, connecting with Popular Street at the other side of the road. It also passes over both the Los Santos Transit Metro line and the Railroad line. Another span of the bridge crosses the Del Perro Freeway between Supply Street and El Rancho Boulevard.


Vespucci Boulevard Bridge appears to be based on the 4th Street Bridge crossing the Los Angeles River.

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The Vespucci Boulevard Bridge passing over the Los Santos River serves as one of the 50 bridges for the Under the Bridge challenge which contributes towards the Close Shave Achievement/Trophy.

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