The Vespucci Beach Police Station is a station of the Los Santos Police Department in Grand Theft Auto V located on Vespucci Beach, Los Santos.


The police station, along with the Del Perro Police Station, is the smallest police station in GTA V. It is a small circular police station with glass windows and a partially modeled (but inaccessible) interior on either side of the building with plants and a Raine drinking machine inside. A flag pole with an American flag stands outside the station. Many palm trees surround the building. According to signs, CCTV is in operation around the site. A trash can and several bike stands are found outside the station.

On the south facade of the building, blue "POLICE" sign is found above the main booth window. On the north facade, a "PARK OFFICE" sign is seen. The LOD model of the building sees the police sign mounted onto the roof overhang rather than above the windows. On either side of the station's main facade are what appear to be service entrances.

The station is completely inaccessible and doesn't play a role in the storyline. The player will not respawn outside this station if they are Busted.

Unlike other police stations, no police vehicles or police officers spawn outside this station. Random cars may spawn parked in the nearby parking area just north of the station, however. During the day, pedestrians may be seen stood outside the station interacting with their cell phones. During early hours of the morning, peds may be seen drinking outside the station.

The building is based on the real life LAPD Venice Beach Police Station.


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