The main promenade of the mall.

"The Verona Mall is arguably the high point of American culture. A wonderful shopping center built in a place of very low average rainfall with beautiful weather, in which some very intelligent planner decided to build a roof over the street, in a desert, with protection from rainfall."
―GTA San Andreas Website.

The Verona Mall is a shopping center located on Fifth Avenue in Market, Los Santos and featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The mall is not actually located in Verona Beach as its name indicates, but is instead located in Market, at the edge of the Verona Beach neighborhood.


It is a reasonably sized open-air mall which occupies an entire city block. Every shop in the mall is inaccessible so the mall serves as little more than a visual decoration. Near the center of the ground floor four escalators can be found granting access to the mall's second floor. There are also a lot of palm trees positioned around the mall most likely as aesthetic choice. There is an interactive Sprunk vending machine on the ground floor.

Initially the mall and its immediate vicinity is frequented by the Ballas, an African-American street gang, and consider part of their territory. Verona Mall serves as yet another battle ground during gang wars and the Ballas will rush to attack the player should they hang around for too long or attack their gang members.


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