Verona Beach Gym in GTA San Andreas.

The Verona Beach Gym is an unmarked gym in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, located in Verona Beach, Los Santos, San Andreas.


Due to its outdoor location, the gym can be accessed early when the game starts, even before the mission Drive-Thru is done, the mission when gyms are introduced. Also, though it has four exercise equipment just like any other gym, no type of combat can be learned here.

The gym is a reference to the real-life Muscle Beach in Venice, Los Angeles.


  • If the player parks a vehicle on top of the 2 barbells, and then gets out and starts to exercise with them, CJ may appear on top of the vehicle and will go through the weight lifting animation with nothing in his hands. On other occasions, he may appear with his body stuck inside the vehicle doing the lifting animation, and he may shudder and distort out of proportion.

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