Verona Beach is a district and beach located in south-west Los Santos, San Andreas. It is bordered by Santa Maria Beach to the west, Verdant Bluffs, Commerce and Conference Center to the east and Market and Marina to the north.


Like neighboring Santa Maria Beach or Vice Beach in Vice City, Verona Beach features pedestrians in swimsuits, and even roller-skaters. The district is mainly based on Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

Verona Beach is also a territory for the Ballas gang, though their presence in the district is minimal/less dense than in eastern Los Santos. It can be acquired as GSF territory through the means of gang warfare.






  • The name Verona comes from Verona, Italy (which is landlocked) and is a play on Venice Beach coming from Venice, Italy (a popular costal city).
  • The neighborhood may be a direct reference to Verona Beach, the setting of the 1996 movie Romeo + Juliet, which updates William Shakespeare's famous play to a contemporary setting. In this film, Verona Beach is a beachfront city in California rife with gang culture and gun crime, much like Los Santos.
  • Verona Beach has an advertisement slogan in Santa Maria Beach.

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