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Verdant Bluffs is a large district in Los Santos, San Andreas. It is located south of Commerce and immediately north of Los Santos International Airport. Also adjacent to the area are the districts of Verona Beach to the west, El Corona to the east, Little Mexico to the north-east, and the Conference Center to the north.


The most prominent feature of the area is Verdant Bluffs itself, a large outcropping of rock. With over 2,000 acres of natural terrain, it is the largest municipal park and urban wilderness area in all of San Andreas.[1] Even with Ballas occupying Verona Beach and Aztecas controlling nearby El Corona and Little Mexico, little gang activity happens in Verdant Bluffs except occasional street races. The building at the top of the hill is the historic Los Santos Observatory based on the Griffith Observatory. The location and overall character appear to be based on mountain ranges of Baldwin Hills and Palos Verdes located at western parts of Los Angeles with the name being in common with Palos Verdes. The Santa Maria Freeway Extension runs through a tunnel underneath the western hillside of the bluff for a short distance. The district includes a residential and commercial area in the northeast, south of Commerce and Pershing Square.



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