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Velocity is a VIP Work mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Import/Export update, released on December 13, 2016.


Once Velocity is started, a Rocket Voltic will spawn near the CEO's location. The organisation is tasked with entering the vehicle. Once an organisation member enters the vehicle, the mission starts. The chosen driver will get locked in and a 15-second startup timer will start counting down and once this timer ends, a bomb will be armed. The driver must keep the car above 60 mph for ten minutes to complete the mission.

This mission is much like the car bomb mission from the Vehicle cargo missions, however, the timer is 5 times longer (10 minutes) here and requires the minimum of 60 mph.

If there are other organisation members, they must guard the driver. Checkpoints can spawn to reduce 20 seconds of the timer. Organisation members should collect them as quickly as possible. The driver, however, cannot collect any checkpoints, nor see them on the map. Collecting the checkpoints will reduce the driver’s payout, but other defenders may increase their payout.

Other rival players are tasked with stopping and killing the driver of the Rocket Voltic.


  • It’s recommended to allow an experienced driver in the Rocket Voltic, otherwise it increases the risk of failing the VIP Work.
  • The driver should not use weapons, as NPC drivers will drive recklessly if spooked.
  • The vehicle should be driven on the motorways, as these roads are longer and straighter.
  • Slowing down to just over 60 mph will minimise the chances of the driver making mistakes.
  • Roads with sharp turns, dirt roads, and bumpy surfaces should be avoided.
  • Attackers can form a huge road block ahead of the Rocket Voltic's route.
  • Explosives can sometimes cause the Rocket Voltic to swerve, allowing for them to kill the driver.
  • "Off the Radar" or "Ghost Organization" can be used to the attackers' advantage.


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