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Velocity is a VIP Work featured in Grand Theft Auto Online, added as part of the GTA Online: Import/Export.


Starting this VIP Work will spawn a Rocket Voltic based on the CEO's location. Entering the Rocket Voltic will result the driver getting locked in to the vehicle and start a 15 seconds startup time. This VIP Work is similar to the bomb vehicle cargo that the players stole. The driver of the Organization must drive at least 60 mph within 10 minutes and must survive by incoming gunshots. If playing as a defender, they must guard the driver. Checkpoints can spawn in to reduce 20 seconds of its current timer.

Other rival players are tasked to stop and kill the driver of the Rocket Voltic.


  • Allow any of your professional or experienced drivers in the Rocket Voltic. Inexperienced drivers increase the risk of failing the VIP Work.
    • To compensate this issue, load up a private session and start practicing with the mission to gain more advantages of the VIP Work.
  • As the driver, you cannot collect any checkpoints, nor see them on the map.
  • As the driver, do not shoot any weapons with a nearby NPC drivers as they'll likely drive recklessly if spooked.
  • Drive the Rocket Voltic on the freeways. Watch out for vehicles that can change lanes.
  • Slow down to about 60 mph, but keep the speed at above.
  • Avoid going into roads with sharp turns, off roads, bumpy surfaces, etc.
  • Use the boost ONLY if the detonation is almost a full bar. Look for a clean straight roads.
  • As a defender, collect the checkpoints as quickly as possible to reduce time.
  • A defender can sit next to the driver right when the driver enters the vehicle.
  • As an attacker, create or form a huge traffic or road block where the Rocket Voltic is driving to.
  • Using explosives can sometimes cause the Rocket Voltic to swerve allowing for them to kill the driver.
  • Kill the driver with bullets to complete the VIP Work. Explosives may take longer to destroy the vehicle.
  • Use off the radar or ghost organization, then ram directly at the rocket voltic and kill the driver.


  • This is one of the VIP Work that can be done in solo.
  • This VIP Work last 5 times longer than the Vehicle Cargo Steal Mission in which they must drive at a certain speed in 2 minutes.
  • Collecting the checkpoints will reduce the driver’s payout, but other defenders may increase their payout.
  • The speed can only affect wheels that are grounded. Driving the vehicle in air will not affect the speed, resulting drivers to be blown into air.
  • This VIP Work is similar to Fortified, which both vehicles must be defended at all times.