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**The [[Pegassi]] [[Infernus Classic]] was added on March 28th, 2017.
**The [[Pegassi]] [[Infernus Classic]] was added on March 28th, 2017.
**The [[Grotti]] [[Turismo Classic]] was added on April 4th, 2017.
**The [[Grotti]] [[Turismo Classic]] was added on April 4th, 2017.
*The [[BF]] [[Dune FAV]], the [[HVY]] [[APC]], the [[Bravado]] [[Half-track]], the [[Declasse]] [[Weaponized Tampa]], the [[Pegassi]] [[Oppressor]], the [[Jobuilt]] [[Phantom Custom]], the [[Jobuilt]] [[Hauler Custom]], the [[Mobile Operations Center]], the [[Vom Feuer]] [[Anti-Aircraft Trailer]], the [[HVY]] [[Nightshark]], the [[HVY]] [[Insurgent Pick-Up Custom]], the [[Karin]] [[Technical Custom]], a new [[Caddy]] variant, and a new box trailer variant were added in the [[GTA Online: Gunrunning|Gunrunning]] update released on June 13th, 2017.

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The following is a list of vehicles that can be controlled in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.



Reference Meaning
[CE] Only available in Collector's Edition (PS3, Xbox 360) & Enhanced Version (PC, PS4, Xbox One).
[NG] Only available in the Enhanced Version (PC, PS4, Xbox One).
[RP] Available to all players who have completed the "Prologue" mission on PS3 or Xbox 360 and then upgraded to the Enhanced Version (PC, PS4, Xbox One).
[R*] Available to all players who create a Rockstar Social Club account and link it with their Playstation Network or Xbox Live account.
[DLC] Available from a DLC (Downloadable Content) update.
[SP] Only available in Story Mode.
[ON] Only available in Grand Theft Auto Online.
[RET] Vehicle has a controllable retractable/convertible roof.


Grand Theft Auto V features 465 separate, controllable vehicles.

  • 141 of these are Online-exclusive
  • 183 of these were added as part of a DLC.
  • 132 of these are exclusive to the enhanced version of the game (Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC)
  • 279 of these are completely new
  • 16 of these are single-player-exclusive

Alongside the controllable vehicles, there are 29 uncontrollable trains and trailers in the game:

  • 20 trailers
  • 9 trains

The following table lists vehicles as individual models listed in the game files rather than separate names, and as such, variants as separate models rather than extra parts are listed in the table. Some vehicles may share handling files with other vehicles.

Motorcycles Compacts Coupes
Sedans Sports Sports Classics
Super Muscle Off-Road
SUVs Vans Industrial
Commercials Utility Military
Emergency Service Cycles
Planes Helicopters Boats

Imagery Table

NOTE: Click on the images to go to their articles, or hover over the image to reveal the vehicle's name.

Land Vehicles

Open Wheel
PR4-GTAO-front R88-GTAO-front
811A-GTAO-front Autarch-GTAO-front Adder-GTAV-front Banshee900R-GTAO-front
Bullet-GTAV-front Cheetah-GTAV-Front Cyclone-GTAO-front Deveste-GTAO-front
Emerus-GTAO-front EntityXF-GTAV-front EntityXXR-GTAO-front ETR1-GTAO-front
Furia-GTAO-front FMJ-GTAO-front GP1-GTAO-front Infernus-GTAV-front
ItaliGTB-GTAO-front ItaliGTBCustom-GTAO-front Krieger-GTAO-front Nero-GTAO-front
NeroCustom-GTAO-front Osiris-GTAV-front Penetrator-GTAO-front RE7B-GTAO-front
Reaper-GTAO-front RocketVoltic-GTAO-front S80RR-GTAO-front SC1-GTAO-front
Scramjet-GTAO-front SultanRS-GTAO-front T20-GTAV-front Taipan-GTAO-front
Tempesta-GTAO-front Tezeract-GTAO-front Thrax-GTAO-front TurismoR-GTAV-front
Tyrant-GTAO-front Tyrus-GTAO-front Vacca-GTAV-front Vagner-GTAO-front
Vigilante-GTAO-front Visione-GTAO-front Voltic-GTAV-front X80Proto-GTAO-front
XA21-GTAO-front Zentorno-GTAV-front Zorrusso-GTAO-front
8FDrafter-GTAO-front 9F-GTAV-front 9FCabrio-GTAV-front Alpha-GTAV-front
Banshee-GTAV-front BestiaGTS-GTAO-front BlistaCompact-GTAV-front GoGoMonkeyBlista-GTAV-front
Buffalo-GTAV-front BuffaloS-GTAV-front SprunkBuffalo-GTAVPC-front CarbonizzareDown-GTAV-front
Comet-GTAV-front CometRetroCustom-GTAO-front CometSafari-GTAO-front CometSR-GTAO-front
Coquette-GTAV-front DriftTampa-GTAO-front ElegyRetroCustom-GTAO-front ElegyRH8-GTAV-front
Feltzer-GTAVPC-Front FlashGT-GTAO-front FuroreGT-GTAV-front Fusilade-GTAV-front
Futo-GTAV-Front GB200-GTAO-front HotringSabre-GTAO-front Imorgon-GTAO-front
IssiSport-GTAO-front ItaliGTO-GTAO-front Jester-GTAV-front Jester(Racecar)-GTAV-front
JesterClassic-GTAO-front Jugular-GTAO-front Khamelion-GTAV-front Kuruma-GTAO-front
ArmoredKuruma-GTAO-front Komoda-GTAO-front Lynx-GTAO-front Locust-GTAO-front
Massacro-GTAV-front Massacro(Racecar)-GTAV-front Neo-GTAO-front Neon-GTAO-front
Omnis-GTAO-front ParagonR-GTAO-front ParagonRArmored-GTAO-front Pariah-GTAO-front
Penumbra-GTAV-front Raiden-GTAO-front RapidGT-GTAV-front RapidGT2-GTAV-front
Raptor-GTAO-front Revolter-GTAO-front Ruston-GTAO-front SchafterLWB-GTAO-front
SchafterV12-GTAO-front Schwartzer-GTAV-front SchlagenGT-GTAO-front SentinelClassic-GTAO-front
Seven70-GTAO-front Specter-GTAO-front SpecterCustom-GTAO-front Streiter-GTAO-front
Sugoi-GTAO-front Sultan-GTAV-front SultanClassic-GTAO-front SuranoDown-GTAV-front
VSTR-GTAO-front Verlierer-GTAO-front TroposRallye-GTAO-front ApocalypseZR380-GTAO-front
FutureShockZR380-GTAO-front NightmareZR380-GTAO-front
Sports Classics
190z-GTAO-front Ardent-GTAO-front Casco-GTAO-front Cheburek-GTAO-front
CheetahClassic-GTAO-front CoquetteClassic-GTAV-front Deluxo-GTAO-front Dynasty-GTAO-front
Fagaloa-GTAO-front FränkenStange-GTAV-front GT500-GTAO-front InfernusClassic-GTAO-front
JB700-GTAV-front JB700W-GTAO-front Mamba-GTAO-front Manana-GTAV-front
MichelliGT-GTAO-front Monroe-GTAV-front NebulaTurbo-GTAO-front Peyote-GTAV-front
Pigalle-GTAV-front RapidGTClassic-GTAO-front Retinue-GTAO-front RetinueMkII-GTAO-front
Roosevelt-GTAV-front RooseveltValor-GTAO-front Savestra-GTAO-front Stinger-GTAV-front
StingerGT-GTAO-front StirlingGT-GTAV-front Stromberg-GTAO-front Swinger-GTAO-front
Torero-GTAO-front Tornado-GTAV-front Tornado2Down-GTAV-front Tornado3-GTAV-front
Tornado4-GTAV-front TornadoCustomDown-GTAO-front TornadoRatRod-GTAO-front TurismoClassic-GTAO-front
Viseris-GTAO-front ZionClassic-GTAO-front Z-Type-GTAV-front
Asea-GTAV-front Asea2-GTAV-front Asterope-GTAV-front Cognoscenti-GTAO-front
CognoscentiArmored-GTAO-front Cognoscenti55-GTAO-front Cognoscenti55Armored-GTAO-front Emperor-GTAV-front
Emperor2-GTAV-front Emperor3-GTAV-front Fugitive-GTAV-front Glendale-GTAV-front
Ingot-GTAV-front Intruder-GTAV-front Premier-GTAV-front Primo-GTAV-front
PrimoCustom-GTAO-front Regina-GTAV-front RomeroHearse-Front-GTAV Schafter-GTAV-front
SchafterLWBArmored-GTAO-front SchafterV12Armored-GTAO-front Stafford-GTAO-front Stanier-GTAV-front
Stratum-GTAV-front Stretch-GTAV-front SuperDiamond-GTAV-front Surge-GTAV-front
Tailgater-GTAV-front TurretedLimo-GTAO-front Warrener-GTAV-front Washington-GTAV-front
Blade-GTAV-front Buccaneer-GTAV-front BuccaneerCustom-GTAO-front BurgerShotStallion-GTAVPC-front
Chino-GTAV-front ChinoCustom-GTAO-front Clique-GTAO-front CoquetteBlackFin-GTAV-front
Deviant-GTAO-front Dominator-GTAV-front DominatorGTX-GTAO-front ApocalypseDominator-GTAO-front
FutureShockDominator-GTAO-front NightmareDominator-GTAO-front DriftYosemite-GTAO-front DukeODeath-GTAV-front
Dukes-GTAV-front Ellie-GTAO-front Faction-GTAO-front FactionCustom-GTAO-front
FactionCustomDonk-GTAO-front Gauntlet-GTAV-front GauntletClassic-GTAO-front GauntletHellfire-GTAO-front
Hermes-GTAO-front Hotknife-GTAV-front Hustler-GTAO-front Impaler-GTAO-front
ApocalypseImpaler-GTAO-front FutureShockImpaler-GTAO-front NightmareImpaler-GTAO-front ApocalypseImperator-GTAO-front
FutureShockImperator-GTAO-front NightmareImperator-GTAO-front Lurcher-GTAV-front Moonbeam-GTAO-front
MoonbeamCustom-GTAO-front Nightshade-GTAO-front PeyoteGasser-GTAO-front Phoenix-GTAV-front
Picador-GTAV-front PisswasserDominator-GTAVPC-front Rat-Loader-GTAV-front Rat-Truck-GTAV-front
RedwoodGauntlet-GTAVPC-front Ruiner-GTAV-front Ruiner3-GTAO-front Ruiner2000-GTAO-front
SabreTurbo-GTAV-front SabreTurboCustom-GTAO-front Slamvan-GTAV-front LostSlamvan2-GTAO-front
SlamvanCustom-GTAO-front Stallion-GTAV-front Tampa-GTAO-front Tulip-GTAO-front
Vamos-GTAO-front Vigero-GTAV-front Virgo-GTAV-front VirgoClassic-GTAO-front
VirgoClassicCustom-GTAO-front Voodoo-GTAV-front VoodooCustom-GTAO-front WeaponizedTampa-GTAO-front
CognoscentiCabrioUp-GTAV-front Exemplar-GTAV-front F620-GTAV-front Felon-GTAV-front
FelonGTDown-GTAV-front Jackal-GTAV-front Oracle-GTAV-front OracleXS-GTAV-front
SentinelUp-GTAV-front SentinelXS-GTAV-front Windsor-GTAV-front WindsorDropUp-GTAO-front
Zion-GTAV-front ZionCabrioUp-GTAV-front
Asbo-GTAO-front Blista-GTAV-front BlistaKanjo-GTAO-front BriosoRA-GTAO-front
Dilettante-GTAV-front Dilettante2-GTAV-front ApocalypseIssi-GTAO-front FutureShockIssi-GTAO-front
NightmareIssi-GTAO-front IssiDown-GTAV-front IssiClassic-GTAO-front Panto-GTAV-front
Prairie-GTAV-front Rhapsody-GTAV-front
Baller-GTAV-front Baller2-GTAV-front BallerLE-GTAO-front BallerLEArmored-GTAO-front
BallerLELWB-GTAO-front BallerLELWBArmored-GTAO-front BeeJayXL-GTAV-front Cavalcade-GTAV-front
Cavalcade2-GTAV-front Contender-GTAO-front Dubsta-GTAV-front Dubsta2-GTAV-front
FQ2-GTAV-front Granger-GTAV-front Gresley-GTAV-front Habanero-GTAV-front
HuntleyS-GTAV-front Landstalker-GTAV-front Mesa-GTAV-front Mesa2-GTAV-front
Novak-GTAO-front Patriot-GTAV-front PatriotStretch-GTAO-front Radius-GTAV-front
ReblaGTS-GTAO-front Rocoto-GTAV-front Seminole-GTAV-front Serrano-GTAV-front
Toros-GTAO-front XLS-GTAO-front XLSArmored-GTAO-front
Akuma-GTAV-front ApocalypseDeathbike-GTAO-front FutureShockDeathbike-GTAO-front NightmareDeathbike-GTAO-front
Avarus-GTAO-front Bagger-GTAV-front Bati801-GTAV-front Bati801RR-GTAV-front-Sprunk
BF400-GTAO-front CarbonRS-GTAV-front Chimera-GTAO-front Cliffhanger-GTAO-front
Daemon-GTAV-front Daemon2-GTAO-front Defiler-GTAO-front Diabolus-GTAO-front
DiabolusCustom-GTAO-front DoubleT-GTAV-front Enduro-GTAO-front Esskey-GTAO-front
Faggio-GTAV-front FaggioMod-GTAO-front FaggioSport-GTAO-front FCR1000-GTAO-front
FCR1000Custom-GTAO-front Gargoyle-GTAO-front Hakuchou-GTAV-front HakuchouDrag-GTAO-front
Hexer-GTAV-front Innovation-GTAV-front Lectro-GTAO-front Manchez-GTAO-front
Nemesis-GTAV-front Nightblade-GTAO-front Oppressor-GTAO-front OppressorMkII-GTAO-front
PCJ600-GTAV-front RampantRocket-GTAO-front RatBike-GTAO-front Ruffian-GTAV-front-variant2
Sanchez-GTAV-front-Sprunk Sanchez2-GTAV-front Sanctus-GTAO-front Shotaro-GTAO-front
Sovereign-GTAV-front Stryder-GTAO-front Thrust-GTAV-front Vader-GTAV-front
Vindicator-GTAV-front Vortex-GTAO-front Wolfsbane-GTAO-front ZombieBobber-GTAO-front
Ambulance-GTAV-front-LSMC FIB-GTAV-front FIB2-GTAV-front Firetruck-GTAV-front
Lifeguard-GTAV-front ParkRanger-GTAV-front PoliceBike-GTAV-front PoliceCruiser-GTAV-front
PoliceCruiser2-GTAV-front PoliceCruiser3-GTAV-front PolicePrisonBus-GTAV-front PoliceRancher-GTAV-front
PoliceRiot-GTAV-front PoliceRoadcruiser-GTAV-front PoliceTransporter-GTAV-front RCV-GTAO-front
SheriffCruiser-GTAV-front SheriffSUV-GTAV-front UnmarkedCruiser-GTAV-front
ApocalypseBruiser-GTAO-front FutureShockBruiser-GTAO-front NightmareBruiser-GTAO-front ApocalypseBrutus-GTAO-front
FutureShockBrutus-GTAO-front NightmareBrutus-GTAO-front Bifta-GTAV-front Blazer-GTAV-front
BlazerAqua-GTAO-front BlazerLifeguard-GTAV-front Bodhi-GTAV-front Brawler-GTAV-front
Caracara-GTAO-front Caracara4x4-GTAO-front DesertRaid-GTAO-front Dubsta6x6-GTAV-front
DuneBuggy-GTAV-front DuneFAV-GTAO-front Everon-GTAO-front Freecrawler-GTAO-front
Duneloader-GTAV-front Hellion-GTAO-front HotRodBlazer-GTAV-front Injection-GTAV-front
Insurgent-GTAO-front InsurgentPickUp-GTAO-front InsurgentPickupCustom-GTAO-front Kalahari-GTAV-front
Kamacho-GTAO-front Menacer-GTAO-front Nightshark-GTAO-front Marshall-GTAV-front
Mesa3-GTAV-front Outlaw-GTAO-front RampBuggy-GTAO-front RampBuggy2-GTAO-front
RancherXL-GTAV-front RancherXL2-GTAV-front RCBandito-GTAO-front Rebel2-GTAV-front
RustyRebel-GTAV-front Riata-GTAO-front SandkingXL-GTAV-front SandkingSWB-GTAV-front
ApocalypseSasquatch-GTAO-front FutureShockSasquatch-GTAO-front NightmareSasquatch-GTAO-front SpaceDocker-GTAV-front
StreetBlazer-GTAO-front Technical-GTAO-front TechnicalAqua-GTAO-front TechnicalCustom-GTAO-front
TrophyTruck-GTAO-front Liberator-GTAV-front Vagrant-GTAO-front Zhaba-GTAO-front
Benson-GTAV-front Biff-GTAV-front ApocalypseCerberus-GTAO-front FutureShockCerberus-GTAO-front
NightmareCerberus-GTAO-front Hauler-GTAV-front HaulerCustom-GTAO-front Mule-GTAV-front
Mule2-GTAV-front Mule3-GTAO-front MuleCustom-GTAO-front Packer-GTAV-front
Phantom-GTAV-front PhantomCustom-GTAO-front PhantomWedge-GTAO-front Pounder-GTAV-front
PounderCustom-GTAO-front Stockade-GTAV-front Stockade3-GTAV-front Terrorbyte-GTAO-front
Cutter-GTAV-front DockHandler-GTAV-front Dozer-GTAV-front Dump-GTAV-front
Flatbed-GTAV-front Guardian-GTAO-front Mixer-GTAV-front Mixer2-GTAV-front
Rubble-GTAV-front Tipper-GTAV-front Tipper2-GTAV-front
AirportBus-GTAV-front Brickade-GTAO-front Bus-GTAV-front Dashound-GTAV-front
Dune-GTAO-front FestivalBus-GTAO-front RentalShuttleBus-GTAV-front Taxi-GTAV-front
Tourbus-GTAV-front Trashmaster-GTAV-front Trashmaster-GTAO-front Wastelander-GTAO-front
Bison-GTAV-front Bison2-GTAV-front Bison3-GTAV-front BobcatXL-GTAV-front
LSDWPBoxville-GTAV-front Boxville2-GTAV-front Boxville3-GTAV-front Boxville4-GTAO-front
ArmoredBoxville-GTAO-front LSWPBurrito-GTAV-front Burrito2-GTAV-front Burrito3-GTAV-front
Burrito4-GTAV-front Burrito5-GTAV-front Camper-GTAV-front ClownVan-GTAV-front
GangBurrito-GTAV-front GangBurrito2-GTAO-front Journey-GTAV-front Minivan-GTAV-front
MinivanCustom-GTAO-front Paradise-GTAV-front SunsetBleachPony-GTAV-front Pony2-GTAV-front
Rumpo-GTAV-front Rumpo2-GTAV-front RumpoCustom-GTAO-front Speedo-GTAV-front
SpeedoCustom-GTAO-front Surfer-GTAV-front Surfer2-GTAV-front TacoVan-GTAV-front
Youga-GTAV-front YougaClassic-GTAO-front
Airtug-GTAV-front Caddy-GTAV-front Caddy2-GTAV-front Caddy3-GTAO-front
Docktug-GTAV-front Fieldmaster-GTAV-front Fieldmaster2-GTAV-front Forklift-GTAV-front
LawnMower-GTAV-front Ripley-GTAV-front Sadler-GTAV-front Sadler2-GTAV-front
ScrapTruck-GTAV-front Towtruck-GTAV-front Towtruck2-GTAV-front Tractor-GTAV-front
UtilityTruckCrane-GTAV-front UtilityTruck2Box-GTAV-front UtilityTruck3-GTAV-front
Utility - Trailers
BoatTrailer-GTAV-front Trailersmall-GTAV-front TrailerSContainer-GTAV-front TrailerS2-GTAV-front
TrailerS3-GTAV-front Trailers4-GTAO-front Tvtrailer-GTAV-front Docktrailer-GTAV-front
Tr2-GTAV-front Tr4-GTAV-front Tanker-GTAV-front Tanker2-GTAV-front
Armytanker-GTAV-front Trflat-GTAV-front Trailerlogs-GTAV-front Tr3-GTAV-front
Armytrailer-GTAV-front Armytrailer2-GTAV-front Freighttrailer-GTAV-front MobileOperationsCenter-GTAO-front
Ortages-trailer-house-gtav Trailer-GTAV-Front-SandRake
BMX-GTAV-front Cruiser-GTAV-front EndurexRaceBike-GTAV-front Fixter-GTAV-front
Scorcher-GTAV-front Tri-CyclesRaceBike-GTAV-front WhippetRaceBike-GTAV-front
AntiAircraftTrailer-GTAO-front APC-GTAO-front Barracks-GTAV-front Barracks3-GTAO-front
BarracksSemi-GTAV-front Barrage-GTAO-front Chernobog-GTAO-front Crusader-GTAV-front
Halftrack-GTAO-front Invade&PersuadeTank-GTAO-front RhinoTank-GTAV-front ApocalypseScarab-GTAO-front
FutureShockScarab-GTAO-front NightmareScarab-GTAO-front Thruster-GTAO-front Khanjali-GTAO-front

Maritime Vehicles

Dinghy-GTAV-front Dinghy2-GTAV-front Dinghy3-GTAV-front Dinghy4-GTAO-front
Jetmax-GTAV-front Kraken-GTAV-front Marquis-GTAV-front PolicePredator-GTAV-front
Seashark-GTAV-front Seashark2-GTAV-front Seashark3-GTAO-front Speeder-GTAV-front
Speeder2-GTAO-front Squalo-GTAV-front Submersible-Front-GTAV Suntrap-GTAV-front
Toro-GTAV-front Toro2-GTAO-front Tropic-GTAV-front Tropic2-GTAO-front

Aeronautical Vehicles

Akula-GTAO-front Annihilator-GTAO-front Buzzard-GTAV-front BuzzardAttackChopper-GTAV-front
Cargobob-GTAV-front Cargobob2-GTAV-front Cargobob3-GTAV-front Cargobob4-GTAO-front
FH1-Hunter-GTAO-front Frogger-GTAV-front Frogger2-GTAV-front Havok-GTAO-front
Maverick-GTAV-front PoliceMaverick-GTAV-front AirAmbulance-GTAV-LShospital Savage-GTAO-front
SeaSparrow-GTAO-front Skylift-GTAV-front SuperVolito-GTAO-front SuperVolitoCarbon-GTAO-front
SwiftClassic-GTAV-front SwiftDeluxe-GTAV-front Valkyrie-GTAO-front ValkyrieMOD0-GTAO-front
AlphaZ1-GTAO-front AtomicBlimp-LSIA-GTAV Avenger-GTAO-front B11Strikeforce-GTAO-front
Blimp-GTAO-front Besra-GTAV-front CargoPlane-GTAV-front Cuban800-GTAV-front
Dodo-GTAV-front Duster-GTAV-front Howard-NX25-GTAO-front Hydra-GTAO-front
Jet-GTAV-front LF22-Starling-GTAO-front Luxor-GTAV-front LuxorDeluxe-GTAV-front
Mallard-GTAV-front Mammatus-GTAV-front Miljet-GTAV-front Mogul-GTAO-front
Nimbus-GTAO-front P45-Nokota-GTAO-front P996LAZER-GTAV-front Pyro-GTAO-front
RM10-Bombushka-GTAO-front Rogue-GTAO-front Seabreeze-GTAO-front Shamal-GTAV-front
Titan-GTAV-front Tula-GTAO-front Ultralight-GTAO-front V65-Molotok-GTAO-front
Velum-GTAV-front Velum5Seater-GTAO-front Vestra-GTAV-front Volatol-GTAO-front


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DLC Vehicle Statistics

Template:Vehicles in GTA V Statistics DLC

Special Releases


  • Semi-trailers can be towed for the first time since Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Variants of trailers include box trailers, tanker trailers, flatbed trailers, and car transporter trailers. Some civilian pick-up trucks can now tow smaller trailers as well, such as functional boat trailers and portable generators.
  • License plates vary from vehicle to vehicle. This feature was first seen in GTA San Andreas, where each car model had a set license plate. This time, the plate on each individual car is randomized.
  • Unlike any previous GTA game, GTA V is the first game to have some cars with functioning convertible roofs (such as the Rapid GT convertible and the Cognoscenti Cabrio). Almost all of them have their animations based off of their real-life counterparts (for example, the hardtop roof of the Carbonizzare retract the same way as a Ferrari California).
  • Though the numbers are few, the unit numbers on the roofs of police cars are randomized, ranging from 01 to 99.
  • The numbers on planes are also randomized, ranging from 001 to 999.
  • There is a subway/tram system that runs through Los Santos, with 11 stations located in the city (one under construction). This is a public transport system which carries passengers including players. The Tram is the equivalent to GTA IV's extensive train system and allows the player to reach almost all parts of Los Santos. It cannot be driven by the player, however.
  • There is also a railroad line that runs through Los Santos and Blaine County. However, the trains that run on the line cannot carry passengers (except on the roofs of railcars) and is almost unstoppable. The train can be seen with different railcars attached, such as tankers, box cars and flatbeds. Like the Tram, None of these trains can be operated by the player, except in one mission.
  • There is a Blimp in the game which can be seen floating around Los Santos. This blimp is called the Atomic Blimp and is given to players who preordered the game. The player can call for the Blimp to be dropped off at a nearby point and can then fly the Blimp around the map. It only spawns at the Vinewood Racetrack and Los Santos International Airport.
  • If a vehicle the player is driving has any sort of damage, from scratches and dents to bent axles and missing panels, quickly switching to another character and then back will result in almost all damage being repaired, with the exception of the windows being shattered and some minor body deformity. This glitch will not work if the player is on a mission because they cannot switch characters.
  • Almost all the vehicles in single player can be found in GTA Online; however, some, like the Cargobob, only begin to spawn when the player reaches a certain rank. Other vehicles can only be found in certain places: for instance, the Lazer is only located at Fort Zancudo. Unless the player has purchased a vehicle in which case it can be called in and spawn at the nearest available location (i.e. planes spawn at the nearest airfield).
  • Grand Theft Auto V has the largest number of vehicles in a GTA game.
  • The Oracle and Cavalcade return from GTA IV with second generations. The Buffalo also returns from The Ballad of Gay Tony with a second generation known as the Buffalo S. The only vehicle to have this feature while debuting in GTA V is the Baller, with a first and second generation. Contrary to popular belief, the Turismo R is counted as a separate vehicle from the Turismo until the introduction of the Turismo Classic featured in the Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit update.
  • The protagonist's facial expression will change depending on how fast the player is driving a land vehicle.
  • All vehicles, including boats and aircraft, in the enhanced version are now fully detailed, mainly in the interior. As well as moving steering wheels/control columns, they also feature functional instrument gauges, including the speedometer and tachometer for cars, airspeed, attitude and altitude gauges for aircraft, and a depth gauge for submersibles. Other gauges, such as the glass cockpit in the Cargo Plane, do not function.
  • As well as functioning speed and rev gauges, some higher-end car models also feature a working radio station readout, with the name of the radio station as well as what song is currently playing.
  • Helicopters in GTA V no longer have dual controls. All helicopters are flown from the port side in the game, even though helicopters in real life are usually flown from the starboard side, and almost always feature dual controls.
  • In total, counting all model-separated variants, trailers, and uncontrollable vehicles such as trains, there currently is 420 vehicles in the game (298 available from the start, 122 added in Content Updates).
  • In the enhanced version, NPC vehicles may spawn driving with heavy modifications. Also, random vehicles may spawn driving with underglow. Vehicles such as the Manana, Zentorno, Turismo R, Comet and Dubsta are just a few of the many vehicles to do this.


  1. Trailers share properties with vehicles, they are given handling, top speeds, and entry (.gxt2) names.
  2. Army Trailer: Although the extended version has no entry name, and is purely named "freighttrailer", it retains the design of the regular Army Trailer and is only extended to fit a Freight Train.
  3. Dock Trailer: docktrailer has no entry name.
  4. Is named "FIB" in-game
  5. Is named "Police Cruiser" in-game
  6. Is named "Police Cruiser" in-game

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