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The following is a complete listing of vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. See here on what constitutes a vehicle. Based on that criteria, there are a total of 212 vehicles defined by the game.

For a direct alphabetical list, see Category:Vehicles in GTA San Andreas

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Sports Cars SUVs & Pickup Trucks Lowriders Tuners Vans Industrial
Coupes & Hatchbacks Sedans & Station Wagons Trains Public Service Novelty Government
Aircraft Boats Motorcycles & Bikes Remote Control Miscellaneous Trailers/Rolling Stock

Imagery Table

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Land Vehicles

Sports Cars
Alpha-GTASA-front.jpg Banshee-GTASA-front.jpg Buffalo-GTASA-front.jpg Bullet-GTASA-front.jpg
Cheetah-GTASA-front.jpg Comet-GTASA-front.jpg Euros-GTASA-front.jpg Hotknife-GTASA-front.jpg
Infernus-GTASA-front.jpg Phoenix-GTASA-front.jpg SuperGT-GTASA-front.jpg Turismo-GTASA-front.jpg
ZR350-GTASA-front.jpg Windsor-GTASA-front.jpg
SUVs & Pickup Trucks
Bobcat-GTASA-front.jpg Huntley-GTASA-front.jpg Landstalker-GTASA-front.jpg Mesa-GTASA-front.jpg
Monster-GTASA-monster-front.jpg Monster-GTASA-monstera-front.jpg Monster-GTASA-monsterb-front.jpg Patriot-GTASA-front.jpg
Picador-GTASA-front.jpg Rancher-GTASA-front.jpg Sadler-GTASA-front.jpg Sandking-GTASA-front.jpg
Sadler-GTASA-beater-front.jpg Walton-GTASA-front.jpg Yosemite-GTASA-front.jpg
Blade-GTASA-front.jpg Broadway-GTASA-front.jpg Remington-GTASA-front.jpg Savanna-GTASA-front.jpg
Slamvan-GTASA-front.jpg Tahoma-GTASA-front.jpg Tornado-GTASA-front.jpg Voodoo-GTASA-front.jpg
Elegy-GTASA-front.jpg Flash-GTASA-front.jpg Jester-GTASA-front.jpg Stratum-GTASA-front.jpg
Sultan-GTASA-front.jpg Uranus-GTASA-front.jpg
Coupes & Hatchbacks
BlistaCompact-GTASA-front.jpg Bravura-GTASA-front.jpg Buccaneer-GTASA-front.jpg Cadrona-GTASA-front.jpg
Clover-GTASA-front.jpg Club-GTASA-front.jpg Esperanto-GTASA-front.jpg Feltzer-GTASA-front.jpg
Fortune-GTASA-front.jpg Hermes-GTASA-front.jpg Hustler-GTASA-front.jpg Majestic-GTASA-front.jpg
Manana-GTASA-front.jpg Previon-GTASA-front.jpg Sabre-GTASA-front.jpg Stallion-GTASA-front.jpg
Tampa-GTASA-front.jpg Virgo-GTASA-front.jpg
Sedans & Station Wagons
Admiral-GTASA-front.jpg Elegant-GTASA-front.jpg Emperor-GTASA-front.jpg Glendale-GTASA-front.jpg
Glendale-GTASA-beater-front.jpg Greenwood-GTASA-front.jpg Intruder-GTASA-front.jpg Merit-GTASA-front.jpg
Nebula-GTASA-front.jpg Oceanic-GTASA-front.jpg Perennial-GTASA-front.jpg Premier-GTASA-front.jpg
Primo-GTASA-front.jpg Regina-GTASA-front.jpg Romero-GTASA-front.jpg Sentinel-GTASA-front.jpg
Solair-GTASA-front.jpg Stafford-GTASA-front.jpg Stretch-GTASA-front.jpg Sunrise-GTASA-front.jpg
Vincent-GTASA-front.jpg Washington-GTASA-front.jpg Willard-GTASA-front.jpg
TopFun-GTASA-front.png Burrito-GTASA-front.jpg Hotdog-GTASA-front.jpg Moonbeam-GTASA-front.jpg
MrWhoopee-GTASA-front.jpg Newsvan-GTASA-front.jpg Pony-GTASA-front.jpg Rumpo-GTASA-front.jpg
Motorcycles & Bikes
BF-400-GTASA-ride-front.jpg Bike-GTASA-front.jpg BMX-GTASA-front.jpg Faggio-GTASA-doubletone-front.jpg
FCR-900-GTASA-ride-front.jpg Freeway-GTASA-front.jpg MountainBike-GTASA-front.jpg NRG-500-GTASA-ride-front.jpg
PCJ-600-GTASA-front.jpg Pizzaboy-GTASA-front.jpg Sanchez-GTASA-front.jpg Wayfarer-GTASA-front.jpg
Emergency & Government
Ambulance-GTASA-front.jpg Barracks-GTASA-front.jpg Enforcer-GTASA-front.jpg FBIRancher-GTASA-front.jpg
FireTruck-GTASA-front.jpg HPV-1000-GTASA-front.jpg Police-GTASA-LSPD-front.jpg Police-GTASA-SFPD-front.jpg
Police-GTASA-LVPD-front.jpg Ranger-GTASA-front.jpg Rhino-GTASA-front.jpg SWAT-GTASA-front.jpg
Benson-GTASA-front.jpg Boxville-GTASA-front.jpg Boxville-GTASA-burglary-front.jpg CementTruck-GTASA-front.jpg
CombineHarvester-GTASA-front.jpg DFT-30-GTASA-front.jpg Dozer-GTASA-front.jpg Dumper-GTASA-front.jpg
Flatbed-GTASA-front.jpg Forklift-GTASA-front.jpg Linerunner-GTASA-front.jpg Mule-GTASA-front.jpg
Packer-GTASA-front.jpg Roadtrain-GTASA-front.jpg Tanker-GTASA-front.jpg Tractor-GTASA-front.jpg
Public Service
Baggage-GTASA-front.jpg Bus-GTASA-front.jpg Cabbie-GTASA-front.jpg Coach-GTASA-front.jpg
Sweeper-GTASA-front.jpg Taxi-GTASA-front.jpg Towtruck-GTASA-front.jpg Trashmaster-GTASA-front.jpg
Tug-GTASA-front.jpg UtilityVan-GTASA-front.jpg
Bandito-GTASA-front.jpg BFInjection-GTASA-front.jpg BloodringBanger-GTASA-front.jpg Caddy-GTASA-front.jpg
Camper-GTASA-front.jpg Dune-GTASA-front.jpg HotringRacer-GTASA-hotring-front.jpg HotringRacer-GTASA-hotrina-front.jpg
HotringRacer-GTASA-hotrinb-front.jpg Journey-GTASA-front.jpg Kart-GTASA-front.jpg Mower-GTASA-front.jpg
Quad-GTASA-front.jpg Vortex-GTASA-front.jpg
FBITruck-GTASA-front.jpg Rancher-GTASA-FrontQuarter-Lure.jpg

Maritime Vehicles

Coastguard-GTASA-front.jpg Dinghy-GTASA-front.jpg Jetmax-GTASA-front.jpg Launch-GTASA-front.jpg
Marquis-GTASA-front.jpg Predator-GTASA-front.jpg Reefer-GTASA-front.jpg Speeder-GTASA-front.jpg
Squalo-GTASA-front.jpg Tropic-GTASA-front.jpg

Aeronautical Vehicles

Cargobob-GTASA-side.jpg Hunter-GTASA-front.jpg Leviathan-GTASA-front.jpg NewsChopper-GTASA-front.jpg
Maverick-GTASA-front.jpg PoliceMaverick-GTASA-front.jpg Raindance-GTASA-front.jpg Seasparrow-GTASA-front.jpg
Andromada-GTASA-inflight.jpg AT400-GTASA-inflight.jpg Beagle-GTASA-front.jpg Cropduster-GTASA-front.jpg
Dodo-GTASA-front.jpg Hydra-GTASA-inflight.jpg Nevada-GTASA-inflight.jpg Rustler-GTASA-inflight.jpg
Shamal-GTASA-inflight.jpg Skimmer-GTASA-inflight.jpg Stuntplane-GTASA-inflight.jpg

Miscellaneous Vehicles

RC Vehicles
RCBandit-GTASA-front.jpg RCBaron-GTASA-front.jpg RCCam-GTASA.jpg RCGoblin-GTASA-front.jpg
RCBaron-GTASA-front.jpg RCTiger-GTASA-front.jpg
Sa jetpack.jpg Parachute-GTASA.jpg

Deleted Vehicles

  • Airtrain - The uncontrollable airliner based off the Boeing 727 in GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA Vice City Stories.
  • Dashound - The Dashound was originally meant to appear in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. However, it was removed for unknown reasons. It is found in the files as "dach.txd", where it had GTA III truck wheels, different lights and a California number plate.
  • FBI Car - The FBI car featured in GTA III and GTA Advance. It was meant to return in the final version, but the idea was scrapped. It was similar to the Las Venturas police car, but had a different grille. The model was going to be featured in an unused cutscene. The model and a low quality texture still exist in the game and it can be turned into a drivable vehicle via use of modifications.
  • Fenton - The Fenton was a beta vehicle that was scheduled to be in the final version of the game. It was cut for unknown reasons. This vehicle was also cut from Grand Theft Auto IV.
  • Float - The Float was a beta vehicle that was cut from the final version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Only its handling data exists. Its handling shows that would have been a slow vehicle, like a train or a parade float.
  • Idaho - The 2-door coupe featured in all other 3D Universe GTA games. It was cut for unknown reasons.
  • Rio - The cataraman sailboat featured in GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories. Only its handling remains in the game files.
  • Roller - Another new vehicle. Nothing is known about it but its handling. It appears to be either a roadroller or a rollerskates. A GXT entry for the Roller exists.
  • Skateboard - A cut weapon in GTA: San Andreas but also a vehicle. It was cut during the development of the game and was planned to be introduced in the mission Madd Dogg's Rhymes. In the PS2 files, the HUD icon is the only remains. However, on the PC version it is a complete weapon that can only be found in one of the game's beta interiors. Nonetheless, the weapon will only appear if it is enabled in the game's files. If not enabled, it will be a Knife.
  • The Stinger was supposed to return but was replaced by the ZR-350. A model of it can still be found in the game files.

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