The following is a complete categorized listing of vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Unlike Grand Theft Auto games after Grand Theft Auto III the game does not feature aircraft vehicles with a spawning point. The only air vehicle obtainable is a Maverick during two missions. All other air vehicles like the Dodo, Hunter, and Police Maverick can only be obtainable with mods, trainers, and online downloadable save games.

A key difference between GTA LCS and the previous game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, is that vehicles left parked by the player do not always "unspawn" if left for a period of time or distance is covered away from the vehicle; it's possible to complete a mission, or other series of tasks, and return to find the vehicle left where it was parked (however the "disappearing vehicle" glitch often noted after cutscenes remains in full force).

There are a total of 82 vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

Sports Cars 4WD/Utility Vans Industrial Cars Motorbikes
Commercial Miscellaneous Emergency Boats Gang Cars Air Vehicles

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Sports & Muscle Cars
Banshee-GTALCS-front Cheetah-GTALCS-front DeimosSP-GTALCS-front HellenbachGT-GTALCS-front
Infernus-GTALCS-front PhobosVT-GTALCS-front Stinger-GTALCS-front Thunder-Rodd-GTALCS-front
4WD & Utility
BFInjection-GTALCS-front Bobcat-GTALCS-front Landstalker-GTALCS-front Patriot-GTALCS-front
BallotVan-GTALCS-front Blista-GTALCS-front CampaignRumpo-GTALCS-front Moonbeam-GTALCS-front
MR Whoopee LCS Panlantic-GTALCS-front Pony-GTALCS-front Rumpo-GTALCS-front
Securicar-GTALCS-front Toyz-GTALCS-front
Flatbed-GTALCS-front Linerunner-GTALCS-front MrWongs-GTALCS-front Mule-GTALCS-front
Trashmaster-GTALCS-front Yankee-GTALCS-front
Esperanto-GTALCS-front Idaho-GTALCS-front Kuruma-GTALCS-front Manana-GTALCS-front
Perennial-GTALCS-front Sentinel-GTALCS-front Stallion-GTALCS-front Stretch-GTALCS-front
Angel-GTALCS-front Avenger2-Bike-GTALCS Faggio-GTALCS-front Freeway-GTALCS-front
Manchez-GTALCS-front Noodleboy-GTALCS-front PCJ-600-GTALCS-front Pizzaboy-GTALCS-front
Bickle'76-GTALCS Cabbie-GTALCS-front Coach-GTALCS-front Taxi-GTALCS-front
Hearse-GTALCS-front RCcar-GTALCS-front RC Goblin LCS RC RAIDER LCS
Emergency & Government
Ambulance-GTALCS-front Barracks-GTALCS Enforcer-GTALCS-front FBICruiser-GTALCS-front
Firetruck-GTALCS-front Police-GTALCS-front Rhino-GTALCS
Predator-GTALCS-front Reefer-GTALCS-front Speeder-GTALCS-front Ferry
Gang Cars
CartelCruiser-GTALCS-front DiabloStallion-GTALCS-front ForelliExsess-GTALCS-front HoodsRumpoXL-GTALCS-front
LeoneSentinel-GTALCS-front SindaccoArgento-GTALCS-front TriadFishVan-GTALCS-front YakuzaStinger-GTALCS-front
Maverick-GTALCS PoliceMaverick-GTALCS-front
Special or rare vehicles
  • BP - Bulletproof car
  • DP - Damageproof car
  • EP - Explosionproof car
  • FP - Fireproof car

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