The following is a list of vehicles which can be driven, ridden on, or controlled in Grand Theft Auto IV. For vehicles added in the downloadable episodes The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, see Vehicles in The Lost and Damned and Vehicles in The Ballad of Gay Tony. Please note that all vehicles from GTA IV appear in the episodic contents so it is redundant to mention their appearances in those articles. This game has a total of 123 vehicles.

List of Vehicles

The following table lists separate models of vehicles in GTA IV. Variants that use modifications of pre-existing vehicles are not listed here (gang cars such as the Huntley Sport, the Futo GT, etc) - only vehicles that are separate models in the files.

Sports cars / Supercars Muscle Cars Two-Doors / Hatchbacks Four-Door Sedans / Saloons / Station Wagons SUVs / Crossovers / Pick-ups / Vans
Commercial / Industrial Emergency Public Service Motorcycles Boats Aircraft

Imagery Table

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Land Vehicles

Banshee-GTAIV-front Comet-GTAIV-front Coquette-GTAIV-front Feltzer-GTAIV-front
Infernus-GTAIV-front SultanRS-GTAIV-front SuperGT-GTAIV-front Turismo-GTAIV-front
4-Door Sedans and Station Wagons
Admiral-GTAIV-front Chavos-GTAIV-front Cognoscenti-GTAIV-front DF8-90-GTAIV-front
Dilettante-GTAIV-front Emperor-GTAIV-front Emperor2-GTAIV-front Esperanto-GTAIV-front
Feroci-GTAIV-front Feroci2-GTAIV-front Hakumai-GTAIV-front Ingot-GTAIV-front
Intruder-GTAIV-front Lokus-GTAIV-front Marbelle-GTAIV-front Merit-GTAIV-front
Oracle-GTAIV-front Pinnacle-GTAIV-front PMP600-GTAIV-front Premier-GTAIV-front
Presidente-GTAIV-front Primo-GTAIV-front Roman'sTaxi-GTAIV-front Romero-GTAIV-front
Schafter-GTAIV-front Solair-GTAIV-front Stratum-GTAIV-front Stretch-GTAIV-front
Sultan-GTAIV-front Vincent-GTAIV-front Washington-GTAIV-front Willard-GTAIV-front
Bucanneer-GTAIV-front Dukes-GTAIV-front Faction-GTAIV-front Manana-GTAIV-front
Peyote-GTAIV-front Ruiner-GTAIV-front Sabre-GTAIV-front SabreGT-GTAIV-front
Stallion-GTAIV-front Vigero-GTAIV-front Vigero2-GTAIV-front Virgo-GTAIV-front
2-Doors and Compacts
BlistaCompact-GTAIV-front Fortune-GTAIV-front Futo-GTAIV-front Sentinel-GTAIV-front
SUVs/SUTs and Vans
Bobcat-GTAIV-front SpinOnThisLaundromatBurrito-GTAIV-front Cavalcade-GTAIV-front CavalcadeFXT-GTAIV-front
Contender-GTAIV-front Habanero-GTAIV-front HuntleySport-GTAIV-front Landstalker-GTAIV-front
Laundromat-GTAIV-front Minivan-GTAIV-front Moonbeam-GTAIV-front Patriot-GTAIV-front
Perennial-GTAIV-front Perennial2-GTAIV-front PizzaThisPony-GTAIV-front Rancher-GTAIV-front
Rebla-GTAIV-front NonnaPinasSpeedo-GTAIV-front
Faggio-GTAIV-front Freeway-GTAIV-front Hellfury-GTAIV-front NRG900RR-GTAIV-front
NRG900F-GTAIV-front PCJ600-GTAIV-front Sanchez-GTAIV-front Zombie-GTAIV-front
Ambulance-GTAIV-front Enforcer-GTAIV-front FIBBuffalo-GTAIV-front FireTruck-GTAIV-front
NOOSECruiser-GTAIV-front NOOSEPatriot-GTAIV-front PoliceCruiser-GTAIV-front PolicePatrol-GTAIV-front
Commercial and Industrial
Benson-GTAIV-front Biff-GTAIV-front Boxville-GTAIV-front Flatbed-GTAIV-front
Forklift-GTAIV-front MrTasty-GTAIV-front Mule-GTAIV-front Packer-GTAIV-front
Phantom-GTAIV-front Ripley-GTAIV-front Securicar-GTAIV-front Steed-GTAIV-front
Public Service
Airtug-GTAIV-front Bus-GTAIV-front Cabby-GTAIV-front Subway-GTAIV-front
Taxi-GTAIV-front Taxi2-GTAIV-front Trashmaster-GTAIV-front

Maritime Vehicles

Dinghy-GTAIV-front Jetmax-GTAIV-front Marquis-GTAIV-front Predator-GTAIV-front
Reefer-GTAIV-front Squalo-GTAIV-front Tropic-GTAIV-front Tug-GTAIV-front

Aeronautical Vehicles

Annihilator-GTAIV-front HelitoursMaverick-GTAIV-front Maverick-GTAIV-front PoliceMaverick-GTAIV-front


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