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"Now you can exercise your pent up road rage without concern for LSPD response units in Vehicle Vendetta -the new Adversary Mode that pits you and your teammates against an opposing crew of motorized maniacs, all competing for power-ups that can singlehandedly turn the tide of battle."
Rockstar Newswire description.

Vehicle Vendetta[1] is an Adversary Mode featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the continuation of the GTA Online: Import/Export update, released on January 2, 2016, during the FCR 1000 Week event.


"Get in your vehicle and enter the arena. You'll use power-ups, weapons, and reflexes to take out the other team in this frantic clash of cars"
―In-game description.
Vehicle Vendetta includes 4 levels with this name and 3 more that are listed under Vehicle Vendetta Street. The first group takes place on platforms above a certain region of the map and the second group takes place in certain areas of the map, enclosed in props that acts as boundaries.

Depending of the host's preferences, the adversary mode will be either a "score-based" mode (the team with the most points or the one that reaches the required score wins) or "last alive-based" mode (the team with the most lives or who takes all the rival team's lives wins).


Two teams start on opposite sides of the arena in a sports car of their choice, armed with twin machine guns to take out the opposite team's cars.

Players should be careful when moving around the arena if playing on the Vehicle Vendetta version, as falling from the same will count as a penalty for the team (losing points in this case).


Power-ups are used during gameplay to add an element of destruction and action to the mode. These are the power-ups that are available to the player:

  • Zoned: Slows down time for all players for five seconds.
  • Flipped: Reverses the enemy team’s steering, acceleration, and braking controls.
  • Detonator: Removes obstacles and objects from the arena.
  • Bomb: Place up to three bombs around the map to destroy trailing enemies.
  • Beast: Automatically transforms the player into a Rhino Tank. It last for 30 seconds.
  • Jammed: Forces the accelerator on for the enemy team's vehicles for five seconds.
  • Repair: Returns vehicle back to max health.
  • Ghost: Become translucent for 10 seconds, allowing you to drive through enemy vehicles to steal their power-ups and to avoid deadline trails.
  • Rockets: Fire rockets at oncoming drivers to incapacitate them. These works in the same way as in a GTA Race.
  • Deadline: Automatically switches the player into the Nagasaki Shotaro, complete with devastating light trail. It lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Random: Chance to collect any power-up except Detonator.

They are represented in the upper side of the screen and also warns if the rival team has a power-up (mainly "Beast" and "Deadline").

Game Sessions

Image Location Map
Vehicle Vendetta I takes place in an arena above Paleto Bay.
Vehicle Vendetta II takes place in an arena above RON Alternates Wind Farm.
Vehicle Vendetta III takes place in an arena above the Vespucci Canals.
Vehicle Vendetta IV takes place in an arena above the Alamo Sea, just west of where Trevor's trailer is.
Vehicle Vendetta Street I takes place in Terminal with the boundaries being the area with the containers.
Vehicle Vendetta Street II takes place in Vinewood with the boundaries being Las Lagunas Boulevard to the east, a little beyond Hawick Avenue to the south, Power Street to the east, and Vinewood Boulevard to the north.
Vehicle Vendetta Street III takes place in Paleto Bay with the boundaries being the length of Procopio Drive, and the Great Ocean Highway.

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