Vehicle Features are specific attributes or functional details that can be found on vehicles, in order to realistically enhance the gameplay. They are added as the Grand Theft Auto series goes by to make the games more realistic; these features range from subtle chimes when doors are open to daytime running lights when a car is running. Due to its enhanced graphical capabilities, the HD Universe allows for more prominent vehicle features.

Vehicle License Plates

Vehicle license plates are introduced in Grand Theft Auto III with the player's ability to explore in a three-dimensional environment making plates viewable. The feature has very little use aside for cosmetic purposes.


License plates in GTA III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City are static textures, with all plates in GTA III reading LC R29 (the LC could stand for Liberty City). In GTA Vice City, some vehicles retain the LC R29 plates; others have blurred and illegible versions of the Florida state plate.

License plates are dynamic in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, generating random 7 character license numbers that consist of both letters and numbers. The pattern is: two letters and two numbers, then a space, then a number and two letters (e.g. AA00 0AA). Each of the three major cities in San Andreas have their own plates and some vehicles have their own custom license numbers. Note, however, that during a session of play, all cars of the same model will have the same number plate (for example, all Landstalkers will have the same plates). These will change if a new session of play is started, even if stored in a garage.

Vehicle license plate (GTASA) (Los Santos)

A Los Santos plate in GTA San Andreas.

For Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, license plates in both games feature an "LC" (Liberty City) and "VC" (Vice City) prefix, respectively, followed by a four-digit number. While still more varied than in GTA III and GTA Vice City, the games only offer a limited number of license numbers, with each of them specific to certain vehicles' models.

In Grand Theft Auto IV, license plates do not have an actual letter-number combination; instead, all license plates simply say "LIBERTY CITY" in large blue capital letters. The design of the plates is a nearly exact copy of the current New York license plates (as seen here), except that they say "Liberty City State" at the bottom. In the beta license plates were originally intended to have a letter-number combination, much like the vehicles in GTA San Andreas, but this feature was dropped during the game's development, possibly due to complications or difficulties arising from programming this feature, and trailers show this. In GTA IV, the license plate from the beta version of the game can be found on the back of fuel trailers (which can be seen in the gallery below).


A San Andreas plate from a Grand Theft Auto V pre-release screenshot.

In Grand Theft Auto V, the license plates resemble the current California plates, but have "San Andreas" written on top instead. There are 8 random characters on each plate; the pattern is two numbers, followed by three letters and three numbers (00AAA000). Also, there are multiple types of plates including modern white plates with red cursive state name resembling modern California plates, red embossed state name on white resembling the 1982-1987 California plate, gold embossed state name and serial number on black resembling the 1963-1969 California plates, and gold embossed state name and serial number on blue resembling the 1970's California plates. A fifth license plate design reads "SA EXEMPT" at the top instead of the state name, which states that the vehicle has been issued by a government agency. For this reason, GTA V contains the most realistic plate combinations in the series.

There's a special variation of license plates only seen in North Yankton, which features the same things, except "Yankton" in a red stripe, unseen in SA plates. This plate variant only appears on snow vehicles, as North Yankton is a snowy place. These are based on 2001-2006 South Dakota license plates. Unlike in Los Santos, North Yankton Police vehicles share the same plate as their civilian counterparts.

Similarly, an Epsilon Program license plate is seen in the Tractor in Unknowing the Truth. It features an "Epsilon" text, in a baby blue stripe, its signature color.

Custom plates

Custom plates are typically vanity plates featured on special vehicles, such as vehicles belonging to certain individuals or custom vehicles. Such plates has been seen in use in both GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. In GTA San Andreas they cannot be saved in garages, if they are they simply revert to a usual seven digit plate.


  • In real-life, United States license plates are issued by the state, rather than the city like in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV. This is possibly a developer oversight highlighting Rockstar's British origins, as vehicles in the United Kingdom are registered by the city. In Grand Theft Auto V, the license plates read "San Andreas", the name of the state featured in the game.
  • The first plate available in Los Santos Customs to the player is the same one featured in GTA San Andreas, but always says San Andreas, as opposed to the ones in GTA San Andreas that say cities on them.



Main article: Horns

Horns are features present in most GTA games. They are activated by a specific button on the controller or keyboard. Pressing the horn button on a emergency vehicle will activate the lights and sirens. Sirens have a effect: Cars would wave in out of traffic. In GTA V, players can customize the horns their vehicle has. 

Horns do have a effect in 3D Universe, when held, pedestrians will run or dive out of the way to avoid being ran over. In GTA V and GTA Online, if the player is using the horn on a NPC, they will react negatively, but if it is used several times, the NPC will accelerate and starts to drive recklessly (not always, but they start to drive faster than normal). 

Musical horns are also added in GTA V and GTA Online, as well as in several updates and DLCs. Most of them has a limited time to play, except one that plays indefinitely. This kind of horn can be found with the I'm Not a Hipster Update DLC. 

Daytime Running Lights

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Daytime Running Lights, also referred to as DRLs, are small light strips or bulbs that cannot be controlled by the player. These lights turn on whenever the car's engine is on, and they remain on until the player turns the car off. Like normal headlights, these ones can get damaged and turn off during collisions. Much like in real life, DRLs seem to be a relatively new feature in the US only found on late-model cars. Not all vehicles have DRLs, just a select few;

Vehicles with DRLs

Door Ajar Chime

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Door Ajar Chimes are chimes that sound in order to alert the vehicle's occupants when a door is open. Only a select few vehicles have it in GTA IV (and the volume usually needs to be high for it to be heard) but it is more prominent in GTA V, and most vehicles have it.

Vehicles with Door Ajar Chime

  • Admiral
  • Banshee
  • BeeJay XL
  • Cognoscenti
  • Esperanto (Including Roman's Taxi)
  • Fugitive
  • Granger
  • Manana
  • Marbelle
  • Minivan
  • Moonbeam
  • PMP 600
  • Premier
  • Rancher XL
  • Sandking
  • Tailgater
  • Turismo
  • Uranus
  • Washington (Including Romero)
  • Willard

Car alarms

Car alarms first appeared in GTA III and have appeared in every subsequent game since then, on the 3D Universe, parked cars were either locked or with alarms, on the HD Universe, some cars still feature alarms and will start if the player break the windows of a car. In all of its appearances, car alarms give the player a Wanted Level if the police spots the player driving it.

Fuzzy Dice

Fuzzy Dice is a unique modification available for only three vehicles in the series so far, however, they are only static and decorative, and only act as aesthetic enhancements. Fuzzy Dice are a common decorative matter for gangsters, this is further referenced as two gang cars features a pair of Fuzzy Dice in the mirror.

Cars with Fuzzy Dice


Hydraulics are a feature available in some GTA games, which enable the player to adjust a vehicle's height through electronic manipulation of the suspension with special hydraulic jacks. Hydraulics can be controlled with the right analog stick on console versions, and pressing either the left or right analog stick will make the vehicle's hydraulics either lock in place or hop in the air, respectively. The first car in the series to have hydraulics was a Yardie Lobo, in Grand Theft Auto III. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the Voodoo was the only vehicle to have hydraulics.
Finally in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the player can customize almost any vehicle to feature hydraulics, but storywise, the first vehicle to feature them is the Savanna. In San Andreas, many lowriders that are found in the streets are by default equipped with hydraulics. As both hydraulics and the game camera are controlled with the right analog stick (on console versions), vehicles with hydraulics disable the camera control. Almost any car can also be equipped with hydraulics at Wheel Arch AngelsTransFender and Loco Low Co.. In GTA V, the player is unable to modify any vehicle to include a hydraulic suspension system to his car.

Cars with Hydraulics

GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas
Most cars can be equipped with Hydraulics at a TransFender
GTA Vice City Stories
GTA Online (XB1/PS4/PC Only)

Hidden headlamps

Hidden headlamps (also known as pop-up headlights) are headlights that are designed to pop open when the driver turns the lights on. When not in use, the headlamps rotate downwards and sit flush with the hood of the car. They are designed to make the car's front end slightly more aerodynamic, by reducing the space needed for headlamps on the front of the car. Only a few vehicles in the entire GTA series feature pop-up headlights.

Vehicles with hidden headlights

  • Dukes (enhanced version of GTA V only)

Vehicles with pop-up headlights


Underglow or neon lights are a vehicle modification available in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and the enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto V. Neon underglow was only available on the Space Docker in the former version of GTA V, albeit to the sides of the vehicle rather than the underside.

GTA: Chinatown Wars

Vehicles with Neon Lights

GTA V Enhanced Edition

This article or section refers to "enhanced version" content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC renditions of Grand Theft Auto V and/or Grand Theft Auto Online, that is absent on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions.
For a complete list of the features of the "enhanced" version of Grand Theft Auto V, please see here.

The enhanced version of GTA V for PS4, Xbox One and PC adds Neon underglow as a modification option in Los Santos Customs shops in GTA V Story Mode and Online. Neon Kits are found under the lights section. Once fitted, underglow is always on when the vehicle is running. 

Neon Layout

  • Front
  • Back
  • Sides
  • Front and Back
  • Front and Sides
  • Back and Sides
  • Front, Back and Sides

Neon Color

  • White
  • Blue
  • Electric Blue
  • Mint Green
  • Lime Green
  • Yellow
  • Golden Shower
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Pony Pink
  • Hot Pink
  • Purple
  • Blacklight
  • Crew (Online only)


Under Construction This article or section is Under Construction. Under Construction
This article or section refers to "enhanced version" content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC renditions of Grand Theft Auto V and/or Grand Theft Auto Online, that is absent on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions.
For a complete list of the features of the "enhanced" version of Grand Theft Auto V, please see here.
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Interior customization

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The enhanced version's rendition of GTA Online added the option to customize interiors, in the GTA Online: Lowriders DLC, with changes to features including steering wheels, seats, colour, sound systems and dial changes, as well as add-ons such as bobble-heads. This, at this stage, is only available on certain muscle cars.


Column Shifters

Steering Wheels


The enhanced version of GTA V for PS4, Xbox One, and PC adds functional interior dashboards to all controllable vehicles along with the Police Roadcruiser and the Police Rancher seen only in the Prologue. They are most noticeable when using First-Person View while driving.

Many of the interiors are simply copied from GTA IV's exposed interiors, for example, the Tropic and Stallion are the same in both renditions, as well as the Yankee, which is used in most trucks in GTA V.

The PC version of GTA V also included the hood-cam view from Xbox 360 and PS3. This was later introduced into the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game, after the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 Update.

Dashboard Components

The dashboards feature some working gauges and functional indicator lights, including:

Land vehicles

Upon start up, most (if not all) components will light up, due to the engine "checking" everything is working. 

  • Speedometer - (includes digital and analogue)
  • Tachometer - (includes digital and analogue)
  • Fuel gauge
  • Engine temperature gauge
  • Headlight Indicator light - (includes full beam and dipped lights, will still function when lights are damaged)
  • Handbrake Indicator light
  • Low Fuel Warning Light - (when fuel tank is damaged, this light will appear when the fuel tank is low - single player only)
  • Engine Management - (after a car has run out of fuel, the player will automatically attempt to re-start the car, this light is briefly seen lighting up - single player only)
  • Turn signals - (upon alarm breaching when stealing an alarmed car)

Air vehicles

  • Altimeter
  • Air speed indicator
  • Heading
  • Attitude Indicator
  • Vertical speed indicator
  • Landing Gear Up/Down lights - (only appears on aircraft with retractable landing gear)

Rear view mirrors are present and semi-functional - the reflections are not clear and may not reflect dynamic objects, only terrain.

To simplify gameplay, vehicle functions such as changing gears or operating the radio are not depicted, and the player's hands never leave the steering wheel except to operate the cell phone in Story Mode.

Steering wheels are functional in all land vehicles. However, very few if any vehicles have visible steering wheel mounted controls, such as for controlling radio volume and engaging cruise control. Some vehicles have the manufacturer logo on the steering wheel, while others do not.

Radio displays are present on some dashboards which will display the current station, song and artist, while others have a static radio. Radios can be generic (factory) models or made by either WIWANG or Meinmacht.

There can be other accessories present in some vehicles, such as coffee or soda cups in the cupholders, air fresheners and phone holders clipped to the air vents, and full ashtrays.


Dashboard styles

Most interior dashboard models are shared between vehicles, some ignoring the vehicle specifications to result in mismatched interior equipment for the vehicle manufacturer or engine/drivetrain type.

Land vehicles

Vehicle dashboards
Dashboard image(s) Vehicles using this model (linked when verified) Notes/Limitations

Vapid: Peyote, Hotknife

Declasse: Voodoo

  • Vapid badges originally present on all makes, Voodoo fixed in an update.

Albany: Buccaneer, Manana

Bravado: Gauntlet

Declasse: Stallion, Sabre Turbo

Imponte: Dukes, Ruiner, Phoenix, Duke O'Death

Invetero: Coquette Classic

Lampadati: Pigalle, Casco

Vapid: Dominator, Blade

  • Takes a staggering inspiration from the 1979 Pontiac Trans Am Dashboard, especially the instrument panel.

Albany: Alpha

Benefactor: Surano

Coil: Voltic

DewbaucheeExemplar, MassacroRapid GT

Obey: 9F

Ocelot: F620

Overflod: Entity XF

Truffade: Adder

  • kW energy consumption meter replaces tachometer in Voltic

Dinka Blista Compact

Karin Futo

  • Futo logo present on tacho on all makes (fixed in PC version)
  • Dual MPH and KMH display
  • Race fuel only

Annis: Elegy RH8

Bravado: Banshee

Dinka: Jester

Grotti: Stinger, Stinger GT, Cheetah, Turismo R

Pegassi: Vacca, Zentorno, Osiris

  • Meinmacht Car Audio
  • Variable dial colors
  • Variable dash material - generally carbon fibre look.
  • Colour-coded contrast stitching changes to match custom wheel paint on some models.

Albany: Primo

Benefactor: Schwartzer, Schafter

Bollokan: Prairie

Chariot: Romero Hearse

Cheval: Surge

Declasse: Asea

Enus: Cognoscenti Cabrio, Super Diamond

Karin: Asterope

LampadatiFelon GT, Felon

Obey: Tailgater

Ocelot: Jackal

Ubermacht: Oracle 1 & 2

Weeny: Issi

Albany: Washington

BravadoBuffalo, Buffalo S, FIB Buffalo

Cheval: Fugitive

DeClasse: Premier

Dundreary: Stretch

Karin: Dilettante

Vapid: Stanier, Interceptor, Police Cruiser, Taxi

Albany: Emperor, Police Roadcruiser

Benefactor: Glendale, Stirling GT

BF: Injection


DeClasse: Rhapsody, Tornado, Vigero

DewbaucheeJB 700

Dundreary: Regina

Pegassi: Monroe

Vulcar: Warrener

Invetero: Coquette BlackFin

  • Bodhi & Kalahari have a different dash material/color.
  • Some vehicles such as the beater Emperor and BF Injection have a variant of the dashboard where the tachometer and radio are cut out. The in-game radio however is still functional, even though it is missing from the dashboard
  • Similar to the muscle cars' interiors, and takes a staggering inspiration from the 1979 Pontiac Trans Am Dashboard, especially the instrument panel.

Albany: Cavalcade

Benefactor: Panto, Dubsta, Dubsta 6x6,

Bravado: Bison Gresley

Canis: Seminole, Mesa

DeClasse: FIB, Granger

Dundreary: Landstalker

Gallivanter: Baller 1 & 2

Karin: BeeJay XL

Mammoth: Patriot

Obey: Rocoto

Vapid: Sadler, Sandking SWB & XL, Minivan, Radius

  • Dual MPH and KMH display

Hijak: Khamelion

Karin: Sultan, Kuruma

Schyster: Fusilade

Ubermacht: Sentinel, Zion, Zion Cabrio, Sentinel XS

Coil: Brawler

  • Can include coffee cups and ash trays.

Benefactor: Serrano

Emperor: Habanero

Enus: Huntley S

Fathom: FQ2

Invetero: Coquette

Karin: Intruder

Vulcar: Ingot

Zirconium: Stratum

  • Left side gauge (Speedometer) uses an incorrect texture (Tachometer) on the Huntley S and Ingot version, the dial still functions as a speedometer. (Fixed in the PC version for the Ingot but not the Huntley S).
  • Moving oil gauges

Benefactor: Feltzer

Maibatsu: Penumbra

Vapid: Bullet

BF: Surfer

Brute: Ambulance, Pony, Tour Bus

Bravado: Paradise, Rumpo, Youga

DeClasse: Burrito

Maibatsu: Mule

Zirconium: Journey

Cheval: Picador

Bravado: Duneloader, Rat-Loader, Rat-Truck

Declasse: Rancher XL, Police Rancher

Karin: Rebel, Technical

Vapid: Bobcat, SlamvanTow Truck

Brute: Camper, Police Riot, Tipper

HVY: Mixer, Ripley

Jobuilt: Phantom, Trashmaster, Hauler, Rubble

MTL: Flatbed, PounderFire Truck

VapidLarge Tow Truck

Lampadati: Furore GT

Pegassi: Infernus

Pfister: Comet

Progen: T20

  • Meinmacht Car Audio
  • Colour-coded contrast stitching changes to match custom wheel paint/primary colour on some models.


Vapid: The Liberator

Albany: Roosevelt

Truffade: Z-Type

BF: Bifta, Dune Buggy

Space Docker

Stanley: Fieldmaster

HVYAirtug, Forklift

  • Unique items
Brute: Taco Van
  • Unique interior. Boxes and packaging on passenger seat. Speedometers cannot be read due to an obstruction.

Brute: Utility Truck, Securicar

HVY: Barracks, Biff, Insurgent, Insurgent Pick-Up

Vapid: Benson, Utility Van, Guardian

  • On-screen route planners and daily routes on Utility Trucks
DeClasse: 2nd gen Burrito

Vapid: Speedo, Clown Van

  • Unique tachometers and warning lights
Brute: Bus, Dashound
HVY: Dock Handler, Docktug, Dozer, Dump
LCC: Innovation

Pegassi: Faggio

Dinka: Enduro

WesternBagger, Daemon, SovereignPolice Bike

Dinka: Thrust

Nagasaki: Carbon RS

Pegassi: Bati 801, Bati 801RR

Shitzu: Hakuchou

Maibatsu: Sanchez

Nagasaki: Blazer, Blazer Lifeguard, Hot Rod Blazer

Dinka: Double T, Akuma

Principe: Nemesis, Lectro


Pegassi: Ruffian
LCC: Hexer
Dinka: Vindicator
  • Shares components/tachometer from Utility Trucks.

Air vehicles

Aircraft dashboards
Dashboard image(s) Craft using this model Notes/Limitations
Xero Blimp, Atomic Blimp

P-996 Lazer, Besra, Hydra

Annihilator, Jet, Luxor, Miljet, Shamal, Valkyrie
Buzzard & Attack Chopper variant
Cargobob, Cuban 800, Dodo, Duster, Frogger, Mallard, Maverick, Swift, Titan, Velum, Vestra, Savage
  • No shared layouts
Cargo Plane
  • Fitted with blue screens

Water vehicles

Watercraft dashboards
Dashboard image(s) Craft using this model Notes/Limitations
Nagasaki: Dinghy

Pegassi: Speeder

Shitzu: Suntrap, Squalo, Jetmax, Tropic

  • Some slight layout differences, but otherwise identical components.
  • No visible dash from skipper position.
Kraken, Submersible
  • Completely different designs.
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