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Vehicle Cargo option on the SecuroServ computer as of the Import/Export update.

Vehicle Cargo is a CEO mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Import/Export update.


Welcome to SecuroServ's real-time database of vulnerable high-end vehicles across San Andreas. Hit the 'Source Vehicle' button to instantly pinpoint the location of your next golden opportunity.

Vehicle Cargo missions are relatively straight forward compared to Special Cargo, where the player can fill their Vehicle Warehouses with up to 40 stolen vehicles. When exporting them, the player can sell 1 to 4 vehicles at a time depending on the number of associates the player has in their CEO Organization in the session. There are also collections of vehicles that can be sold together, retrieving and successfully exporting the vehicles that complete a collection will offer bonus payments made to not only the CEO but to the associates as well.

Vehicle cargo missions can be conducted in Public or Invite Only sessions. Completing Vehicle Cargo missions unlocks the "Special Vehicle Work" missions; every fourth car successfully warehoused will unlock one of the eight special missions available. In order to unlock all of them, 32 cars must be warehoused.

When sourcing vehicle cargo or when exporting it, the rest of the players in session will receive a message alerting them of the organization moving vehicle cargo, once the global signal countdown is over. The vehicle cargo will be represented then by a blinking red car in the map.

If another player not belonging to the organization gets in one of the cars, they can bring it to a police station and earn $5000 in cash, or bring it to their warehouse if they have one and are currently registered as a CEO. In the latter case, they will have to pay for any damages, similarly to when they source a vehicle the usual way.

Source Vehicle Cargo[]

Steal the sourced vehicle and deliver it to the warehouse. Mission difficulty is scaled based on the marked value of this vehicle.
Take care of the Vehicle during delivery The more damage it takes the higher the repair cost will be.
The vehicle will need to be repaired if it becomes too damaged. The more damage it takes the higher the repair cost will be. The CEO will be charged by the mechanic upon delivery to the Warehouse.

Vehicle missions are started by logging on to the desktop in the office, selecting Vehicle Cargo option and clicking on the source vehicle button. The vehicle will range from top range to standard range randomly. Once a vehicle is sourced, a text message with the info of the vehicle and a picture will be sent to the player via text message on their in-game phone and the Assistant will call the player to describe the task on exit from the office. Obstacles will present themselves to the player, as they go for the vehicle with different scenarios randomly being used. When delivering a vehicle, NPCs may pursue the player and open fire or the player may become wanted by the police. The player should attempt to keep the car in good condition to avoid high repair costs to maintain the mission profitability. The maximum amount a repair can cost is $34,000. Once the damage bill reaches $34,000 it will not increase in value but the vehicle can continue to receive further physical damage until it is eventually destroyed, resulting in mission failure.

If the player is split from the rest of the players in the lobby (i.e. network lag leaves the player alone in a public lobby), ends up being the last player in the session, or has a second player join and then leave the session while in the process of delivering a vehicle to the warehouse, it will suffer spontaneous combustion and be destroyed several seconds later (giving the player a short window in which to escape), failing the mission. If the player is close to their warehouse and can reach it in time before the car explodes, the cargo will be saved, but the mounting damage from the flames will result in a hefty repair cost.

There is a cooldown of two and a half minutes between vehicle retrieval missions which starts once the player has successfully delivered the vehicle to the warehouse or fails the delivery.

Source Mission Types[]

Main article: /Source Missions

Stationary Vehicles[]

Details should be with you on this car, it's parked at that location. This is straight forward enough, let's get this one back in good shape.
— Assistant

Stationary Car Bomb[]

Urgent info - the car is fitted with a bomb. It will blow if the speed drops too low. Keep up a good speed and we'll try and find a fix from this end
— Assistant

Amateur Thief[]

Not good - some amateur took the car and now they're leading a trail of cops round the city. You're going to have to get the car off them and bring it in
— Assistant

Detective Work[]

Okay, so SecuroServ couldn't get the car's present location, but the got a picture of its last sighting. Its on the way to you now. Try to narrow down the location from the pic, get the car and bring it in to the warehouse
— Assistant

Mobile Vehicles[]

Okay, so the car is on the move, you're going to have to take it en route and bring it into the warehouse
— Assistant


Today we're robbing an arms dealer. Only problem, his car won't start without its immobilizer. He's having a party, go over there, find the key on one of his guards, and bring it in.
— Assistant

Car Meet[]

So, thanks to stupid thieves and social media, SecuroServ traced this stolen car to a race meet. Get over there, steal it again, and bring it to the warehouse.
— Assistant

Heist Crew[]

You won't be able to drive this one out of there. It's heading offshore with some pretty nasty individuals, so it's going to need an airlift. Collect a heavy lift chopper and then collect the car.
— Assistant

Race Bet[]

Okay, the morality on this one is a little less murky. The car owner's bet the pink slip that no one can beat his point-to-point time. Beat it, collect the car, and bring it in.
— Assistant

Photo Shoot[]

So, this car's being used in a photoshoot of some kind. Ignore the flashing lights, just get the vehicle and bring it in.
— Assistant

Movie Stunt[]

So, this car's being used in a stunt on a movie set. Head over there and take the car but look out, you probably won't be able to hey out unless you complete the stunt yourselves.
— Assistant

Closed Circuit[]

Alright, this car's doing laps around a closed circuit. Stop the car, take it, bring it to the warehouse. I wouldn't expect resistance.
— Assistant

Traffic Stop[]

Yeah, so this car's being held on a routine traffic stop. Get over there and commandeer the vehicle before they move it on.
— Assistant

Crime Scene[]

So, this vehicle's been involved in an altercation of some kind. Cops are on the scene. Do what you can, pick it up, and drop it off at the warehouse.
— Assistant


Well, we don't have the location for this car, but we have the location for a car that's on the way to this car. Find them, tail them without being spotted, and get the vehicle. And, oh yeah, these are Little Seoul gangsters we're talking about.
— Assistant

Target Vehicles[]

There are a total of 32 different vehicles to be stolen, with 3 possible variations (plates, colors and modification combinations) of each vehicle, one* of which will fit into the Collection Vehicle Cargo.

Vehicle (Market Value) Plates Images
  • B1GMON3Y*
  • K1NGP1N
  • CE0
  • B1GB0Y
  • M0N4RCH
  • PR3TTY*
  • M1DL1F3
  • R3G4L
  • SL1CK*
  • OH3LL0
  • PH4R40H
  • SL33K*
  • 2FA5T4U
  • D34TH4U*
  • GR1M
  • 0LDBLU3
  • BLKM4MB4*
  • V1P
  • C4TCHM3*
  • J0K3R
  • H0T4U
Stirling GT
  • M4J3ST1C
  • T0UR3R
  • R4LLY*
X80 Proto
  • FUTUR3
  • M4K3B4NK*
  • TURB0
  • C1TRUS*
  • B35TL4P
  • TR3X
  • CAR4M3L
  • T0PSP33D
  • D3V1L*
Roosevelt Valor
  • L4WLE55
  • 0LDT1M3R*
  • V4L0R

Vehicle Plates Images
Coquette Classic
  • T0PL3SS*
  • T0FF33
  • CL45SY
  • PR3C1OUS*
  • 0UTFR0NT
  • CURV35
  • W1NN1NG*
  • 0LDN3W5
  • H3R0
Tropos Rallye
  • 1MS0RAD
  • 31GHT135
  • 1985*
Sultan RS
  • SN0WFLK3*
  • F1D3L1TY
  • 5H0W0FF
  • BUZZ3D*
  • M1DN1GHT
  • B1GC4T
  • FRU1TY
  • 4LL0Y5*
  • SP33DY
  • 0BEYM3
  • W1D3B0D*
  • D1RTY
Entity XF
  • IML4TE
  • 0V3RFL0D*
  • W1DEB0Y
Coquette BlackFin
  • V1NT4G3*
  • W1P3OUT
  • BLKF1N

Vehicle Plates Images
Turismo R
  • IN4H4ZE
  • M1LKYW4Y
  • TPD4WG*
  • CH4RG3D*
  • CRU151N
  • MU5CL3
Sabre Turbo Custom
  • 0R1G1N4L
  • B0UNC3*
  • DE4DLY
  • TH37OS*
  • E4TM3
  • TR0P1CAL
  • B4N4N4
  • B055*
  • H0TP1NK
  • T0PCL0WN
  • NOF00L*
  • P0W3RFUL*
  • K3YL1M3
  • R4C3R
Bestia GTS
  • BE4STY*
  • 5T34LTH
  • 5M00TH
  • V1S10NRY*
  • L0NG80Y
  • R31GN
Banshee 900R
  • DR1FT3R*
  • D0M1N0
  • H0WL3R

Import Tips[]

Vehicle warehouses have a capacity of 40 cars and there are 32 individual models available to import. Target vehicles are randomly selected from the list of 32 but will not double up until the player has stored one of each of the 32 models. Players can take advantage of this.

  • Storing all 10 Standard and all 10 Mid class car varieties will mean all subsequent import jobs will always be one of the 12 Top class cars until there are 32 cars stored.
  • Considering that the mission difficulty is scaled by vehicle market value while the profit stays the same, it might be helpful to export vehicles starting from the cheapest, so the next jobs would be for relatively cheaper cars and should be easier.
  • With 32 individual models stored, exporting a single model will mean the following import job will be for that model to re-stock the 32nd model. This can make completing collections easier as there will be a 1:3 chance that the car will match the collection requirement, rather than up to a 1:96 chance with an empty warehouse.

Exporting Vehicles[]

See Also: Ad-Hawk Autos

Selling vehicles is pretty straight forward. After the player has delivered a vehicle to the warehouse they can sell it right away. The player must go to the Ad-Hawk Autos website on the computer located in the vehicle warehouse office and selecting 1 to 4 vehicles to sell or a collection if the player has completed a collection.

Selling vehicles can profit the player, in summary, between $15,000 and $80,000 per vehicle, depending on vehicle class. This does not include additional bonuses. These are subject to change during special events, such as 2x GTA$ events.

Vehicle Cargo Collections[]

You have completed a Collection. Sell this to an interested Buyer to earn additional bonuses for all Members of your Organization
— In-game message

Some buyers will request a collection of cars with certain license plates and modifications. Players will be able to export all cars in the collection upon completing the collection as long as they have enough members in their organization. By exporting collections, players will be awarded with a bonus on top of the regular commission.

Uninsurable Collector: Jay Norris Collection Bonus: $35,000
Birds of Paradise Collector: Curtis Cray Esq Collection Bonus: $50,000
Fading Power Collector: Keith Collins MD Collection Bonus: $20,000
No Direct Sunlight Collector: DJ Playlist Collection Bonus: $35,000
Stay Declasse Collector: Ms. M Schultz Collection Bonus: $35,000
Molten Metal Collector: Ronnie Bonelli Collection Bonus: $50,000
Pastel Perfection Collector: Cloe Parker Collection Bonus: $35,000
Hip to be Square Collector: Tao Cheng Collection Bonus: $50,000
Shades of Blue Collector: Cris Formage Collection Bonus: $50,000
End of Empires Collector: The Sultan of Amir Collection Bonus: $20,000


  • The use of unique license plates for each variation of vehicle may be a reference to the rare license plates used on vehicles in Exports and Imports missions in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • Several spelling/wording mistakes are found in phone messages:
    • In a message regarding stationary vehicles, the sentence "take care of them" lacks the word "care".
  • The car bomb mission is a reference to the movie Speed, which features the same concept of a bomb exploiding if the vehicle's speed drops under the threshold.
  • With the exception of the Tropos Rallye's "1985" plate, all plates use Leet alphabet, and translate to words typically describing the car or its background.
    • The Reaper's "GR1M" plate is a reference to the Grim Reaper.
    • The Osiris' "PH4R0AH" plate is a reference to the ancient Egyptian ruler.
    • The Mamba's "BLKM4MB4" plate is a reference to the snake, Black Mamba. It may also be an indirect reference to the car itself and its real life inspiration, the AC Shelby Cobra.
    • The FMJ's "J0K3R" plate is a reference to The Joker's bright pink custom Infiniti GT35 Vaydor kit from Suicide Squad. It is also a reference to the movie Full Metal Jacket's main protagonist James T. Davis, nicknamed Joker.
    • The X80 Proto's "M4K3B4NK" plate is a reference to the term "Make bank".
    • The Tyrus's "TR3X" plate is a reference to the Tyrannosaurus rex.
    • The Cheetah's "B1GC4T" plate is a reference to the category of big cats, of which the Cheetah belongs in.
    • The Nightshade's "7H370S" plate is a reference to the 1970's era of muscle cars.
      • The licence plate D34DLY reference the genus of plant with the same name of the vehicle, while E4TM3 refers to the deadly nature of the plant.
    • The Zentorno's "0LDN3W5" plate is possibly a reference to its obsolescence, as the Zentorno was added in mid 2014.


  • A minor aesthetic glitch occurs when a repainted Personal Aircraft Cargobob or Cargobob Jetsam is used to deliver a vehicle to a Vehicle Warehouse or buyer during Vehicle Cargo Steal and Sell missions, wherein the cutscene that shows the Cargobob dropping the vehicle in front of the garage or carport shows a stock, unmodified version of the Cargobob or Cargobob Jetsam instead of the repainted one.
    • This cutscene also occasionally shows the Cargobob's hook a few feet above the car instead of being hooked to it, and frequently shows the Cargobob's rotor blades clipping ambient objects such as walls and rooftops while lifting off again after dropping the car, emitting sparks in the process.
  • When delivering a vehicle with gullwing doors via Cargobob, the cutscene will show the warehouse worker bringing the vehicle in opening the door as if it was a standard one.


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