Vanya (Russian: Ваня) is a multiplayer character in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Vanya is a member of the Petrovic Family, and based on comments from Kenny Petrovic, he is an incompetent, and lazy member of the organization. Some tasks which the player must complete show his incompetence, including failing to kill another member of the organization, Anton, who turned against them, or failing to kill Councilman Rodgers. Other tasks are retrieving vehicles for Kenny, but instead he steals a whole truck, as well as disposing of cars which contained bodies of people he murdered. During Mafiya Work, Kenny states that he gets drunk on Cherenkov Vodka and then orders the player to take him somewhere to "dry out". One task that he doesn't mess up, however, is burying the bodies of a stickup crew, though the player must dispose of the heads to prevent identification.


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