Vankhov is a jewelry company in Grand Theft Auto V.


The company owns stores on Elgin Avenue in Legion Square, and on Perth Street in Morningwood, Los Santos, although they can't be accessed. However, Franklin is able to purchase different types of Vankhov earrings at Ponsonbys stores. Its top competitor is presumably De Koch Diamonds.

Clothing Accessories


Item Price*
Vankhov Diamond Studs $2500
Vankhov Emerald Studs $1950
Vankhov Quartz Studs $3900
Vankhov Obsidian Studs $3550
Vankhov Platinum Studs $4500
Vankhov Agate Studs $2700
Vankhov Jade Studs $3100
Vankhov Onyx Studs $2850

* If the player owns the Collector's or Special Editions of the game, the items will be 25% cheaper.



  • The name Vankhov is a reference to "wank off", a slang term for masturbation. There was a similar reference in GTA San Andreas, the Vank Hoff Hotel.
  • Vankhov also may be Russian lastname, so it may refer to Sokolov jewelry company.
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