"We're gonna hit the payroll van. It leaves here heading for Chinatown every day. Bullets won't even dent the van's armor, so get a car and ram it off the road. Hit it hard and the punk ass security guards should bail."
Joey Leone

Van Heist is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III, given to protagonist Claude by Joey Leone from his garage in the Trenton area of Portland Island, Liberty City.


Claude goes to Joey's garage in Trenton and Joey explains that they are planning to hit a Securicar pay role van. Joey instructs Claude to find a vehicle and ram the van until the driver bails out. Joey then instructs Claude to take the van to a warehouse in Portland Harbor, where some accomplices will get to the cash. When the mission begins, the Securicar is on the move on the edge of Chinatown.

The first objective is to damage the Securicar (indicated by a Damage meter) to the point where its occupants must bail out, as the van's door are locked. Because this particular Securicar is bulletproof, the player must ram the vehicle continuously until the damage meter is full; large and heavy vehicles such as the Bus, Coach or Linerunner are particularly useful damaging the Securicar quickly and pinning down the van when necessary. Upon ramming the Securicar for the first time, the van will begin to flee. In addition, the player accumulates a minimum of two stars by only hitting the vehicle twice.

When the Securicar is sufficiently damaged, its occupants exit the vehicle and flee, allowing the player to commandeer the van and take it to a garage in Portland Harbor. Even if the player has up to three stars, the Securicar's weight should allow the vehicle to push aside any opposing police cars. Regardless of how many stars the player has, their wanted level is nullified when the Securicar reaches its final destination.


Claude enters Joey's Garage
Joey Leone: Alright, we're gonna hit the pay role van. It leaves the edge of China Town everyday. Bullets won't even dent the van's armor, so get a car and ram it off the road. Now hit it hard and the punk ass security guards should bail. Then take it to the warehouse at the docks and my guys are gonna take over from there. Now it won't be doin' it's rounds all day, so don't hang around.
Claude steals the van and takes it to the lock-up.


The reward for completing the mission is $20,000 and the unlocking of two missions: Cipriani's Chauffeur for Joey Leone and Turismo for El Burro. In addition, the garage used to stash the Securicar in "Van Heist" may receive additional Securicars thereafter (even directly from the Import/Export garage), with payouts for every additional Securicar delivered decreased by $500 until the player may no longer receive any more money. Total: 10 Securicars.



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One of the motorists.

  • The skins of the van's motorists are unique and cannot be found elsewhere in the game. They wear a cap and shirt which read "Fort Knox Security".
  • The Securicar in this mission is bulletproof and fireproof. The player can obtain it by simply driving it to their hideout (instead of Portland Harbor) and destroying it in the garage, though this will trigger mission failure. A video of this can be seen here.
  • If the 'Pedestrian riot' cheat is enabled during this mission, pedestrians may attempt to pull the driver out of the Securicar. If this occurs, the player will be able to simply get in the vehicle and drive off, though filling the 'Damage' meter is still required.
  • Sometimes the police will "help" to fill the 'Damage' meter when trying to chase Claude. A video of this can be seen here.


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