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Vagos: "Hey, fuck you cabrón."
Big Smoke: "Now that ain't nice. Coughio up el weedo, before I blow your brains out all over the patio. "
Vagos: "Chinga a tu madre, pendejo."
—The Vagos and Big Smoke

The Unnamed Vagos gang members are characters in the Grand Theft Auto series who appear as minor characters in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The gang members appear only during the mission Running Dog. CJ and Big Smoke go to East Los Santons and meet the two. They engage in a short conversation during which the Vagos insult Smoke, which prompts him to beat one member up with a baseball bat while CJ chases and kills the other member.

Like Big Poppa and Freddy, they use a generic Vagos model. Big Smoke calls one member José, although he was most likely just being derogatory, as "José" is a common Spanish name.

Mission appearances