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[[Category:Vehicles manufactured by Shitzu]]
[[Category:Vehicles manufactured by Shitzu]]
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[[Category:Vehicles in GTA Online]]
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"Great for cruising in the dirt or running an illegal across the border." description.

The Shitzu Vader is a streetfighter featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony, and Grand Theft Auto V.


The bike's overall design appears to be inspired by early Kawasaki Z models, featuring a similar shaped body and seat layout. It also takes design cues from other standard bikes such as the Honda Hornet, Yamaha Fazer, and to a lesser extent, the KTM Duke 200.


Acceleration and braking are average, but the top speed is impressive. Being a standard bike, the Vader does not handle as sharp as a typical sportsbike. However, thanks to its stability, this bike is more suitable for a long distance trip than any sportsbikes in the game (Except for the Hakuchou, which is a semi touring sportsbike). It is also a great choice for those who does not want the heavy weight of a cruiser bike or a semi touring bike. Its short wheelbase and height make it an easy bike for doing a wheelie.


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There are two variations of this bike. One (pictured above) has twin exhausts mounted under the seat, and no license plate; while the other has large twin side exhausts and a Liberty City license plate.


The Ballad of Gay Tony

  • The player can spawn the Vader via the cheat code: 625-555-3273.
  • May also rarely spawn in parts of Algonquin and Alderney.
  • Spawns in traffic in TBoGT multiplayer.
  • Appears more frequently if the player is driving a Coquette or Super GT, especially around The Triangle and southern Alderney.




  • The default radio stations for the Vader are:
  • The Vader has the highest top speed (100 mph/160km) of any bike available in TBoGT. [1]
  • The name may be a nod to Darth Vader, the main antagonist of the Star Wars movies.
  • The name could also be a reference to the former WWE wrestler, Leon Allen White, a.k.a. Big Van Vader.
  • Vader is Dutch for the word "Father".
  • Like several other motorcycles, it lacks a license plate.

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